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For years we've wondered if Todd McFarlane (Aliens, Sportspicks, Dragons) had any interest in producing a JP themed line or perhaps a generic dino line in general. Well both of those questions were posed to Todd on his "Toddcast". The first by our very own 'Thorondor 33'. Here's what he had to say:

- I heard rumours of a Monsters of Universal series. If this is true, what are the chances of seeing Jurassic Park figures? Thanks!

"Rumors from who, Joe? I don't even trust that guy. As for Jurassic Park figures, Hasbro has the master license locked down, but we're looking into different angles on this one."

- Would you ever consider making a dinosuar line? After seeing the brilliant work achieved on the dragons I would love to see a dinosaur line done in the same scale etc. I know there's alot of fellow boardies who like the idea of a dinosaur line too.

"My son Jake loves dinosaurs so I've got that idea being suggested several times each week in my own house! I have tried to incorporate some of the dinosaur traits and looks in our Dragons line."

So there's the scoop from THE man himself as only can bring you. We still don't have anything concrete but it's nice to hear that they (McFarlane) are exploring "other angles". As always, stay tuned to this space for further updates. Finally today, I wanted to mention that we're celebrating our 6th anniversiary here at JPT this month. Time just continues to fly on by...thanks for coming along for the ride!


Anyone in the mood for some random but totally awesome JP customs? I thought so. Forum member Raptorbite came across these gems on the net recently but we're not sure the story behind them or their creator. Drop us a line if you can provide any further info. and we'll be sure to update it here. Click the thumbnails for larger images:

(UPDATE 3/22) - In the days since this posting, many JPT forum members have chimed in with some background info. on where exactly these customs came from and who exactly created them. Apparently the T-Rex model was created by Mike Wallace (doesn't he work for 60 minutes?) and the Raptor creator is unknown. Both were shown at a 2005 convention in Kentucky known as 'Wonderfest". Forum regular giganotoigauana was kind enough to post a few scans that cover Mr. Wallace's piece as well as a Raptor model from Jim Lawrence. It's a very interesting read and can be found by clicking on following thread on our forum.


No, not the news kind. Yes, real eatable chicken nuggets straight from the park...err...freezer section of Wal-Mart. Forum moderator Kevin came across these delectable dino delights and was kind enough to snap a couple of pics for us. You can view them here and here. Now, is anybody ready to take one for the team and actually taste these genetically altered/processed chicken nuggets? Or is it chicken? We'll let you be the judge. ;-) Be sure to drop us a line if you come across any and let us know how they taste.