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I decided to go ahead and squeeze these in before the new year. We have 2 new collection galleries from Eddi & Jack. We also have a new diorama gallery from 'Raptorbite'. And finally today there's a new poll question up for your voting pleasure. Let us know how you "racked-up" JP wise over the Holidays. If there's not a new update between now and then, be sure to have a happy & SAFE new year's celebration this weekend. All the best to you & yours in '06!


We don't have anything earth shattering to pass along today but I did want to take the time to wish all of you out there a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. We definitely appreciate you guys & gals that make us your #1 trusted source for JP toy news & information. It's been a blast having you along for the ride. Who knows, with a little luck, maybe we'll have some new JP4 toys to chat about in the coming year - see ya then!


Forum member 'yankeetrex' spotted these 2 auctions of what appears to be prototype figures of the unreleased Ultimasaurus & Gulper T-Rex. Could it be true? Check the auctions out for yourself & judge. The starting bids are not low at all so be careful!


Long time no update! I do aplogize for the lack of updates lately but when there's nothing to update, there's just nothing to update...know what I mean? The lull in JP4 has definitely not helped matters either. Anyway I hope you all had a nice Thansgiving weekend here in the States with Christmas right around the corner. Now, on to the updates. Our latest set of dioramas come from 'danny'. Be sure to check out his gallery when you get a chance. Also today, we have a new affiliate in "JP Legacy" which is an all-around good site with a wealth of info. regarding the JP film franchise. You can visit JP Legacy site by clicking on the logo in our affiliates box to your left - just below the poll.