Here's a new line of toys that forum member Neelis came across recently. They are manufactured by the French toy company Papo and are currently available only overseas. However, US site tgftoys and linkandpinhobbies expect them in the states soon. The set includes a T-Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops and a Parasaurolophus. The detail and likeness to their actual JP movie counterparts is something we definitely haven't seen in toy form before.

Here's what Neelis had to say regarding measurements:

The Rex is as big as the Jurassic Park III Re-Ak At-Ak Tyrannosaurus: but much, much more detailed. (It can't move it's limbs, by the way, the mouth is the only moving part.) The Raptor's head comes up to the chest of the Tyrannosaurus. Tyrannosaurus Rex Length: approx. 19 cm (head to curve in tail) Height: approx. 15.5 cm Velociraptor Length: approx. 16 cm (head to tail) Height: approx. 8 cm they aren't scaled, but it doesn't even matter: they are very well executed: If you see them you would swear they could have been official Jurassic Park toys. If only Universal would see this, strike a deal with Papo and have them create another line, with more dinosaurs from Jurassic Park: what great collectors items they could become!

Yes indeed. Hasbro could definitely learn a few things from this line. We can hope...right?? In the meantime, these Papo toys are definitely a very cool alternative. A big thanks to all forum members that have participated in this story. Be sure to follow this thread on our forum for more details as they become available. In other news, we have new dioramas from Extinct and dilo33 now up for your viewing pleasure.