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All of us here at JPToys just wanted to take the time to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and of course a happy & prosperous new year. I personally want to thank each & everyone of you loyal readers out there that continue to make us the most trusted site for JP toys news & reviews. You guys & gals are the best.

We don't have much to pass along today other than a new poll question and a new review of the JPS1 Tim Murphy from first time reviewer Robert. BTW, our last poll results were probably the closest we've ever had here. The question was "Would you be in favor of more JPD2 repaints?". Close to 300 people responded and 42% wanted something new (no more repaints), 40% wanted something new no matter what it was and 18% were undecided. So in short, the majority of JP toy fans what something new - no more repaints! Are you listening Hasbro? I doubt it but you can't say we didn't try to tell ya! On that note, we'll see ya next year!


While out with the family doing a little Chirstmas shopping today, I couldn't help but find my way into the local KB toy store. To my surprise most everything in the store was at least 40% off! They had plenty of the new JPD2 in stock with a regular price of $7.99 minus the 40% discount came to around $4.79. Now I'm not sure if this is a nation wide sale or perhaps just in my area but it's worth the trip if you're interested in picking up some extras at an extremely low price! In other sale news, be sure to run by Circuit City this week. They have the trilogy on sale, buy 2 for $15...DVD of course. Pretty nifty price if you've been holding off. Finally today, we have a new collection gallery from Fred that is definitely worth checking out.