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Back in January it was suggested JPToys create a section for the recently released Jurassic Park themed Muscle Machines. Well, here it is.


Forum member 'Permian-Triassic Fan' came across a new JP3 Ankylosaurus bootleg recently at his local Dollar Store. The package comes complete with a smaller repainted version of the JP3 Triceratops and repaint of TLW Eddie Carr Triceratops hatchling. Check it out in our bootlegs section today!


Ever since Hasbro apparently dropped the JP toy license in early 2003, our forum has been flooded with speculation on just who would get the license. McFarlane maybe? Palisades possibly? Well a few brave souls from our forum have dedicated themselves to finding some answers. They've already received a definte NO from the Palisades company and several other inquiries are on their way. One particular response from the McFarlane group turned out to be very interesting:

Dear Jeremy:

The Jurassic Park license is one that Todd has considered ~ however, the artist in him begs that he create a unique line of dinosaurs. Should McFarlane Toys release a dinosaur line, it will be a McFarlane original and a line of toys cooler than the movie.

Jenny D'Amore
Licensing Manager
McFarlane Toys

Okay, so that may not be the answer we were all hoping to hear but at least we can put that speculation to bed for now. We also got the juicy nugget about a possible non-JP dino line from McFarlane in the future. If you're interested in keeping track of all the responses from the various companies our crack team has received, please use the following thread.


It looks like we've finally gotten our site related issues worked out and JPToys is here to stay! Thanks again to everyone out there for your encouragement & support. I never could've imagined just how much you guys truly care about what we do here. It's because of you that the site is now back and back for good.

FYI, be sure stay tuned in the coming weeks for a few announcements. One of these include new merchandise. You'd better snap up all the old merchandise you can because new designs are on their way!


I guess the reports of our demise may have been a bit pre-mature. For those that aren't aware, we did have plans to take the site down because of serveral factors which I won't bore you with here. Since that announcement my inbox has been flooded with emails from individuals & sites willing to do all they can to keep us afloat. I must say, it's been a truly humbling experience. I want to personally thank all of you that wrote in.

Now, a little FYI. With all that's going on right now don't be surprised to see the site down for a week or so until we get things straightened out. We'll try our best to bring the site back up as quickly as possible. Until then, be sure to continue checking our forum (not affected) on a daily basis for all site related updates.