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Armothe recently updated our downloads section with decals for the JP3 Raptor Attack Playset. Be sure to check those out along with all the other items we have listed for your downloading pleasure.


Just a quick heads up. Our current host has decided to move to brand new servers. While they expect little to no downtime, they can't make any promises. Please keep this in mind if you have trouble accessing the site in the next 2-3 weeks. This migration will not affect our forum in anyway.

Other than that notice, we have a new addition to our collections section from JurassicJaws.


Bucketfoot-Al continues cranking out customs at a record pace here lately as evidenced by the latest additions to his gallery. They include a Safari Galaxy Triceratops, Tanyia Chasmosaurus & Brachiosaurus. This should tide us over until his anticipated Horizon Brachio. In other custom news, have you seen the latest over at Big Razzie's? She's posted a few new ones (all JP series 1) from 'Amber' that include a repainted Alan Grant into John Hammond (complete with cane), and a very colorful Pteranodon hatchling & Velociraptor. Be sure to check those out when you get a chance. Last but certainly not least today, we have a new poll up for your voting pleasure.