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Anyone out there tired of waiting for the Operation Genesis soundtrack to be released on CD...if it ever is? Well, forum moderator Rexforever has come up with some simple to follow LEGAL instructions on how to make your very own OG soundtrack (using the PC version) today!


Right on the heels of a great custom from Tyrant, Bucketfoot-Al drops by with his latest custom, a Resaurus T-Rex. Those of you already familiar with Al's work know what to notch stuff here. Check it out in his gallery. Al also passed along a few tid bits about his next project:

"Wait til you see what I have coming up next: I have just completed assembling a Horizon JP 1/20 scale Brachiosaurus - except in my diorama, its not 1/20 scale, and its not a Brachiosaurus...its a 1/35 scale Sauroposeidon (60 feet tall, 95 feet long, 80 tons. It absolutely DWARFS my 1/35 collection.")

"And here's the main trick - the JP Brachiosaurus from Horizon had one GLARING error - the 'straight-up' neck (impossible according to the latest scientific research.) So, again using the Quikplastic putty I love so much, I bent the neck forward and created a "filler" piece of neck to fill the gap; the result is that the model gained 4 inches in length, lost 2 inches in height, and now has a neck much closer to the angle shown in all the most recent Brachiosaurus reconstructions."

Make sure to stay tuned for that. We'll definitely pass that along as soon as we get it. In other news today, we have 2 new additions to our Collections section from JPX Tom & Hemostrat...enjoy!


It's been a while since we last updated our customs section with a new entry, so what better way to do that than with a new custom from one of the very best out there - Tyrant! This time he graces us with an Operation Genesis Carcharadontosaurus. This truly is one of Tyrant's best pieces so be sure to check it out in his gallery today!

In a bit of personal news, I wanted to thank everyone that has inquired recently as to how things went with our new baby. First of all Reagan Abigail was born on January 12th and weighed in at an even 8lbs. Both Mom & baby are doing wonderfully while Dad is, let's say, trying to play catch-up. ;)