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Well, our last unfinished toy database is finally online! With the JP Prototypes we managed to dig up several pictures from our old geocities server and then touched them up a bit for your viewing pleasure. We plan to add many more in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that. Remember, if you have any prototype pictures that you'd like to submit, please don't hesitate to contact us today! In other news, we have 3 brand new dioramas to pass along. JP Action Man has submitted 2 and our old pal Suchoswimmer sends along one for his new gallery.


We've been quite busy behind the scenes lately updating our unfinished toy archives from the JP, TLW, JP3 & JPD sections with TONS of new pictures. Forum moderators AcroIguana & Raptoralpha have even joined in the cause by submitting all kinds of wonderful new pictures including the ever popular diorama shots! Many of the new pictures have already been uploaded to the various sections throughout the database so make sure to check them out when you get a chance. Plenty more photos are on their way so stay tuned!

We also have several other site updates to pass along today. First up, Raptoralpha has submitted two new customs as well as his collection photos for our new collections section. We also have a new poll up for your voting pleasure and a very in-depth review of the JPS1 Junior T-Rex from David...enjoy!


As of yesterday, the JPToys forum officially went pop-up free! We of course all hope this is a permanent fix but the Proboards staff does want to remind everyone that they can't promise we'll never see pop-ups again in the future. So keep your fingers crossed!

In other site news, we have two additions to our new collections section from Rick Raptor and DinosaurNeill. Also today we have four new reviews from Takutanuva of TLW Peter Ludlow, Roland Tembo, trike hatchling and the JPS2 Ian Malcom. Rick Raptor checks in with his thoughts on the JPS1 Velociraptor and the JP3 animatronic Spinosaurus and Carnotaurs has a take on the JP3 Stalking raptor. While in the review section, you may notice that we've done some much needed re-organization. We hope this makes finding your favorite review a little less tedious. Thanks to everyone for those great submissions...enjoy!