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Granted it's been a long time coming but we've finally managed to open up a section for members to show off their massive JP toy collections! We kick off that section today with galleries from AcroIguana, Armothe, CarnotaurusX, Jurassic_Park_HP and TrikeAttack. Please keep in mind that these pages are very picture intensive so things may take a while to load. To view the galleries and find out how to get your gallery listed, please visit our collections section today!


Right off the bat I have to mention that I was finally able to secure my first Canyon Rex at KB last weekend for $12.99! I've heard many other similar finds over the last two weeks so don't give up hope if you haven't found one yet. Well for those of you still "Canyon-less" we have our first three reviews of it from stitch, Takutanuva and Kevin to tide you over. And finally today we wanted to let everyone know that the canyon rex has been adjusted in the price guide to reflect a more current market value of $30-40 MIP. It's hard to believe it went for $655 at one time! So be sure to check all that out and for everyone in the states - have a great holiday weekend!


So, has everyone gotten their hands on a Canyon T-Rex by now? At the rate they have been showing up lately, it wouldn't surprise me! I'm actually taking off today to begin my hunt - wish me luck! Anyway, lets get to those new reviews shall we? First up, Jax_Cham879 chimes in with his thoughts on the JP:D Dimetrodon and the JP3 Tapejara. Also submitting a review today is dilophoraptor of TLW Ian Malcom. Please keep in mind that we're always looking for new reviews. If you have one that you would like to submit, please be sure to contact us and send it along!


Did anyone else hear that thud? It's the sound of the previously "unreleased" Canyon T-Rex dropping in value. The various reports of sightings started coming in on our forum about two weeks ago with members spotting them at their local KB store and eBay. Now the market seems to be flooded with them! Doing a quick search on eBay will reveal that several Canyon's recently went for as low as $29! So all of this begs the question, has Hasbro quietly released these toys through the back door or are they possibly being released through various wholesalers who acquired them before the line was dropped? Either way, this is great news for JP collector's looking to get their hands on yet another JP toy. Be sure to let us know about any of your sightings by following this thread on our forum.

In other news today, we have a new review of TLW Ground Tracker submitted by DeereX. We also have a new poll question up (submitted by "stitch") for your voting pleasure. Be sure to vote and let us know what your favorite JP toy packaging is.


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