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Time to get caught up on a few recent additions. In case you haven't visited our Customs section lately, we have several new submissions including two new galleries from Dark Spinosaurus and Stephen. Speaking of customs, forum member Kevin has organized a customs contest with prizes given away to the first and second place finishers. He must have at least 10 entries to make this a go so please visit this thread for all the official rules and details. So be sure to check all of that out and have a great weekend!


Have an exclusive look at the new Jurassic Park Institute Toys! These pseudo-toys were exclusively offered by the popular Italian-food chain Fazoli's. With the help of the Jurassic Park Institute, Fazoli's created four miniature dinosaur skeletons which can be assembled and disassembled. Each dinosaur skeleton comes packaged with an exclusive collector card and packaged inside a break-apart plastic egg featuring the Jurassic Park Institute Logo. A decorative JPI plastic cup was also given away as part of the promotion.


Is it really possible that we're now a decade removed from the opening of a movie that changed most of us forever? It may be 10 years old but it seems just like yesterday that I was waiting in line to see it for the first time. The large theater was packed as people eagerly awaited their first glimpse of "real" dinosaurs. Heck, I can even remember where I was seated! Few movies have that kind of impact. We may not know where this great franchise will end up but I don't think any of us will ever forget where it started on this day 10 years ago. If you have any memories that you'd like to share, please join us in the forum for more reminiscing. Happy birthday JP!

In celebration we have a couple of items to pass along. First up, we now have several new pictures up for your viewing pleasure of those JP Institute toys being given away by Fazoli's. For the Brachiosaurus we have shots of the skeleton, back of the collector card as well as the egg that contains it all. We also have our first glimpse of the Triceratops which includes a look at the skeleton and the front and back of its collector card. A big thanks goes out to JPDino for supplying us with those pics. Also today, we have finally managed to put up our long overdue reviews of the JP DVD trilogy which is something I'm sure most everyone will be spinning in their DVD player over the next few days! Lastly today, I want to give a "Big" shout out to Razzie and thank her for all of the wonderful JP anniversiary logos she's created over the last few weeks. She has plenty of designs ready for the choosing so make sure to check them out today!