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Happy Halloween everyone! Don't get too sick off all that candy! ;)


The determined Mr. Goodbytes has managed to dig up some scraps of information regarding hasbro's future involvement with the Jurassic Park franchise and Universal's thoughts on the original film's 10th anniversary next year. Here's the scoop:

#1: Will there be another JP line in the near future?

Right now we have Jurassic Park Institute which is an educational website that teaches about dinosaurs. See or contact Megan Norlin for JPI information.
(She didn't quite understand the question, but oh well.)

#2: How long will Hasbro have the toy license?

Hasbro's agreement is through the end of the year. We can not comment any further at this time.

#3: Steven Spielberg has stated that he has a fantastic story for Jurassic Park 4, and that they are currently scripting. Stan Winston has also confirmed that the next film is scripting. Has JP4 gotten the green light?

It has not been green-lit. This is too preliminary for us to discuss.

#4: Can you give any new information on JP4?

We don't have any new information at this time.

#5: Will there be a 10th anniversary DVD of Jurassic Park?

It is too preliminary for us to comment at this time. You may want to contact Evan Fong. He works in publicity for Home Video.

#6: Will there be a 10th anniversary toy line for Jurassic Park?

We don't have any information on this at this time.


Trespasser was probably the most ambitious game with the Jurassic Park tie-in, and unforunately, has very few fans. Although the game had an amazing real-life physics based engine, it was one of the buggiest games ever to hit PC. However, there are still a few dedicated individuals determined to crack Trespasser's code and make some modifications. Hopefully what Trespasser should have been will be able to happen at the hands of these people. Only in the last few months have the most major breakthroughs in modding Trespasser occured, but suddently we have the ability to create complete levels from scratch. The first ever unofficial Trespasser level will be completed very soon, and hopefully will revive the game. See the complete details at

All of us at JP Toys have been impressed by the level of creativity being expressed in the entries to the Dream Toy contest. Be sure to check out the entries and official rules.


The first of what will probably be many tests for the official Jurassic Park IV logo was released last night. There is no proof as to the validity of the logo, in the form of a standee, but it comes from a very reliable source, the beloved Big Razzie. She is currently unable to give us any information as to how she aquired the standee, which she has named "Nivu". Razzie does have several pictures available on her website. Take a look, and let us know if you happen to come across any new developments in the production of Jurassic Park IV!


The polls are in, and members want a diorama contest. However, JP Toys is not a democracy, so we will be having a "Dream Jurassic Park Toy" contest. Don't worry, the diorama competition will be next. To see the information about the contest, please check out the official rules. We look forward to seeing your entries!


It seems that Malcolm of JP Database managed to get a short interview with Jack Horner, the well known paleontologist who acted as a consultant on all three Jurassic Park movies. Personally, I think that Horner's career has gone downhill ever since his involvement with the films, but I guess a news reporter isn't allowed to give his opinion. At any rate, here's the scoop:

Q: How much of a difference was it working with Joe Johnston in JP3, than Steven Spielberg in the other films?

A: I like both of the directors a lot. But Joe Johnston is very interested in paleontology and has come out to the field every summer for the last three years. So he and I have become very good friends. Steven, is a good guy, but I don't know him personally as well as Joe.

Q: What species are the 'compys' in The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 based off? Do you think it was really possible for the compys to have been pack hunters?

A:Compsognathus, and no, I don't think its likely they were pack-hunters.

Q: Were there any dinosaur characteristics that you did not like or had a problem with in the JP trilogy but were still used because Spielberg/Johnston wanted them?

A: T-rex runs too fast, and none of the dinos are colorful enough.

Q: In the making of JP you seemed rather upset with the idea of the raptor sticking out their tongues like snakes because it portrayed them more like reptiles than birds...were you as upset with the Dilophosaurus having a neck frill like an existing reptile today?

A: No, there is no evidence suggesting that it didn't have a frill. That is fictional license, but we know that dinosaurs didn't have forked tongues.

Q: How long have you believed that Tyrannosaurus was a scavenger? Did you ever try to influence them to show any of the dinosaurs scavenging in Jurassic Park and/or The Lost World?

A: For about 10 years. Yes, and T-rex is portrayed as a scavenger in JP3.

It sounds like Jack wasn't all that thrilled about this interview. Perhaps its because few people take him seriously anymore after his involvement with the films.


Due to the overall lack of Jurassic Park related news in the past few months, JP Toys is going to begin to announce the latest paleontological findings. And there is no time like the present to start, because of a very exciting discovery in Montana. Paleontologists have uncovered a "mummy" Brachylophosaurus, a type of hadrosaur. The skeleton is called a mummy because it has 90% of its soft tissue preserved, IE skin, muscles, organs etc. This specimin, nicknamed Leonardo, gives us a much more complete look at hadrosaur dinosaurs then we've ever had before. It appears that Leonardo has buldging shoulder muscles, a thick neck, ridges down the spine and a taste for ferns, magnolias and conifers. It's a rare oppurtunity to get such an extensive look at a prehistoric animal's form and lifestyle, and Leonardo will prove to revolutionize our view of dinosaurs.


We've received word that JP Toys member and affiliate Jurassic Joe has opened the "Isla Nublar Trading Post". A forum where, as the name suggests, people can trade Jurassic Park toys - go check it out!


Thanks to member TrikeAttack for letting us know that Sam Neil (Alan Grant) appeared on "The New Zealend Listener. Neil offered us some juicy tidbits about the status of Jurassic Park 4, which seem to prove once and for all this this movie is going to happen. Here's the transcript:

Q: The role you're most internationally recognised for is probably Alan Grant from Jurassic Park. Any truth to the reports there will be yet another sequel? Are you involved?

SN: Oh, well I could...Actually, I'm...(laughs). I'm not sure what I'm allowed to say in regard to this. Yes, another Jurassic Park is in the developmental stages at the moment. I think I can say that without being arrested, or eaten by one of those scary dinosaurs (laughs). As for my involvement, it's a possibility. I certainly had a ripper of a time doing the previous two, so I have no objection in that respect. Steven (Spielberg) has spoken with me briefly about the new story they are working on, which is remarkably inventive and intriguing, by the way.

Q: Any plot teasers you would care to share with New Zealand first?

SN: (laughs heartily) You really DO want to get me arrested, don't you? No, I'm very sorry, no juicy secrets from me. Steven has indicated I may have some part in the film, but I'll leave it at that. From what I know, it's pretty early goings. As always, I'll wait for the finished script, and just see how my schedule shapes up.


It seems like only yesterday when JP Toys Central came into being as a small site hosted by geocities. Now it is a thriving community, the biggest and best place for Jurassic Park toy information on the web! The site has gone through many changes in its lifetime, but none so wonderful as this: I'm in charge now.

Don't worry, Dan would never do anything that terrible. The the truth is that Dan and armothe are running short on time, and are not able to update JP Toys as much as they would like. So, I've joined the team, and I promise to keep this site going strong, proving that we are the best thing since the soft pretzel.

Be sure to check out the new poll, JP Toys will be hosting a competition soon and we would like to know what members would like to participate in!