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Well gang, in just a few hours I'll heading down to sunny Florida with my wife & family on a much needed vacation! We'll be visiting Disney World and the one I'm looking forward to the most...Islands of Adventure! I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures and post them when I get back. Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up and to let you know not to expect another update until at least the middle of next week at the earliest. In the meantime, don't forget that our weekly JPTC chat is still on for tomorrow night starting around 9pm eastern time or whenever everyone decides to show up :-) If you have any question/problems or both, please direct them to one of my moderators in the forum. BTW, I did receive my free JP Bonus disc earlier this week so as soon as I get back and get finished going through it (what I've watched so far has been awesome!), I'll be sure to post a mini-review of some sorts for everyone. So take care and have a great weekend eveyone!


First off, I have to thank my good friend Stephen (JPDino) for helping me get this new section up as quickly as I have. He provided most of the pictures and helped me finish way ahead of schedule...thanks bud! OK, I'm sure by now that most of you have seen/heard of the JP collector cards so this is nothing new but it was a section I thought we needed here at JPTC. It was really fun looking back at some of these old cards, some of which I hadn't seen in a very long time. Most of the artwork on them was just plain amazing! Very rich colors mixed with awesome dino action...they sure don't make 'em like they use to! Anyway, be sure to head on over there and check that out whenever you get a chance, I think you'll find it well worth your time. BTW, if you happen to have any of the cards I'm missing, except for the Die Cast (I should have the rest of those up by Monday) please send them to me and I'll make sure you get full credit for whatever you send in. Also, don't forget that tonight is our weekly JPTC chat starting at 9pm eastern time. Have a great weekend everyone!


This is a little quicker than I expected them to be spotted but apparently JPTC forum member "Carcharodontosaurus" has spotted some of the new CamoXtreme 2-packs at his local Shopko. Here's what he had to say: "I just got back from my local Shopko, I went to the toys section and the JP3 was moved to the back, and there were 3 Poseable Raptors, and 5 Alan Grant w/Raptors.....And on the bottom rack there were 3 Desert packs, 1 Lava pack ,and 2 Artic packs.....I got 1 of each and left......I has so shocked to find them.....there here you just have to check out your stores.....The cards in the packs are just 1 thin cardboard piece with a picture of the hatchlings, and on the back there is a disriction of the items in english spanish and some other language..... **Lava Card Info." "In the wake of a massive volcanic eruptions. these red-hot dinos evolved with flame colored camofladge to rule their lava covered domain." **Desert Card Info." "In the heat of the desert. these sand-dweling dinos are camofladged to conquer precious water resources-and defend themeselfs from enemies!" **Arctic Card Info." "In the snow blasted plains of the extreme north. these elite dinos use their glacial camofladge to hunt prey and attack artic adversaries He has plenty more to say about them on our message boards so make sure to check that out. A couple of site updates: I updated the JP review section today with a new review from Tyrannosaurus Rex of the JP Jungle Explorer (which is an awesome review!) and I'm almost ready to open up that collectors card section so be on the look-out for that very soon...stay tuned!

CAMOXTREME IS HERE!! this a shocker or what?! Thanks to our latest forum member "tetra-rex-flatop" for pointing out that the toy website has the CamoXtreme 2-packs in "hot off the truck". The set retails for $60.99 and includes the following: Ravage Dino 2-Pack Assortment, Wave 1. This all new assortment of 12 individually packaged 2-Packs includes: 3x Lava Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor, 3x Arctic Spinosaurus and Stegosaurus, 2x Swamp Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex, and 4x Desert Spinosaurus and Velociraptor What a way to cap off the week...huh? If on-line stores are already receiving them then the retail stores can't be too far behind! We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.


Just wanted to let everyone that I've been working hard behind the scenes here at JPTC to get a new section up (hint: check the navigation bar) so that's why there hasn't been any updates lately. That and the fact that nothing much is going on! So anyway, I'm trying my best to get that new section up and running very soon, hopefully sometime early next week. I had originally planned on having it completed by today but you know how things go! BTW, don't forget that tonight is our weekly JPTC chat starting at 9pm eastern time (8pm central)...hope to see you there! That's it for today...have a great weekend everyone!


First up today, I have to mention my latest find. Now this may not be at everyone's local Wal-Mart yet so don't shoot the messanger! This weekend while at my local Wal-Mart, I checked out the JP3 isle (as I always do) and to my surprise, everything was on sale! But we're not talking a small sale here...we're talking about a major sale! Most everything was at least half off except for the Re-Ak Dinos. Here's a list of what they had and the sale prices: Re-Ak basics (Grant/Raptor) - $1.50, Re-Ak Dinos - $7.00, AT Dino Trapper - $5.00, Marine Copter - $5.00, Tracking Set - $5.00, Hatchlings - $2.50, Walking Raptor - $5.00, Animatronic Spino - $25.00, Board Game - $5.00 and the Dino Dex - $7.00. I'm guessing you get the point...this is an awesome sale! If your local Wal-Mart doesn't have these prices just yet, keep checking back because I have a feeling this is not just a local sale. Let us know if you find any great bargains out there....happy hunting!


Today's the big day for all you folks over in the UK as the JP3 DVD gets released. Thanks to AgenSmith2k for reminding us and he also wanted to let everyone know that he's found a pretty good deal for it on-line. Here's what he had to say: "JP3 is now due definitely for release tomorrow (Mon Feb 11th) on VHS and DVD, as various TV adverts have proved. For those of you who want a copy for less than the RRP, I've found, which is selling it for £13.99 delivered (so you won't have to pay extra for p&p) on DVD." I hope everyone over there enjoys the JP3 DVD as much as I's a real treat! Thanks again to AgentSmith2k for that report.


Thanks to Acro for submitting this latest review of the JPD Pachychepholosaurus Playset. You can check it out here or by going to our JPTC review section. Another little site note to point out today, I've updated my collection photos (yes again). This time my wife (believe it or not) rearranged everything and I really like the end result. Here's a future tip for all you husbands to be out there, you better like whatever she does or you might not eat for a very long time! :-)


The latest update to our diorama section comes to us from "Jurassic Joe". He also has a pretty cool JP related site that you might be interested in checking out called The Raptor Pit. Remember, if you have any dioramas that you would like to submit to us, just drop us a line at and I'll be glad to post 'em!


Before we get to the new poll question, lets go over the results from the last one...shall we? Our last poll posed the question, "Which CamoXtreme 2-pack are you most looking forward to?" We had exactly 100 votes and with %35 of the vote (the majority) most everyone is looking forward to all of them! Out of the packs listed, the Tropical Pteranodon/Compies 2-pack was the most anticipated with %25 of the final vote. Now on to the latest poll which I think will be interesting to see the results of. I got the idea from our message boards where one of our forum members "Ultra_T-Rex" asked the question, what do you think is the most movie accurate dinosaur? Well, I've taken some of the most popular responses to that thread and put them in a voting format. So which JP toy do you think is the most accurate to the movies? Go vote and let your opinions be heard!


It looks like there wasn't any mention of the new line at this year's toy fair that according to a Hasbro press release. Although not all hope is lost as AcroIguana reminds us that "CamoXtreme is a rather small line with nothing but repaints, so it isn't all that major, since JP3 isn't even the "in" movie anymore amongst the general public. To the best of my knowledge, JPD wasn't put in the toy fair, and that was a bigger line then CamoXtreme." Stay tuned for more updates. (Thanks Mr_Goodbytes)


Thanks to "Tyrannosaurus Rex" for submitting our latest review here at JPTC and what better for him to review than a T-Rex, the JP series 1 red T-Rex to be exact. Just click here to read his review or head on over to our JPTC Review Section and check out all of the other great reviews


How was everyone's weekend? I hope it went well. First up today, we wanted to let everyone know that Hasbro has added a couple of new CamoXtreme descriptions to their site. The new ones include the Tropical Raptor and the Volcanic Pteranodon. Here's a description for each, first the Raptor and then the Pteranodon: "Paradise is lost when the Tropical Raptor comes on the scene. There is no use running from this dangerous predator with its dino roar and powerful slashing action." "Flying amongst the destruction of the volcano, the Volcanic Pteradon searches for any dino willing to put up a fight. No dino can evade the swooping Volcanic Pteradon with its heart stopping dino roar and unforgiving biting action." They both show a retail price of $9.99 but the question is, where in the heck did the rest of those pics go to? We'll keep you up to date as more info. becomes available...stay tuned!


Thanks to rexforever and our good ol' moderator Nick for sending in our latest collection photos. If you'd like to see them just click here or use the link to your left. I even drug out most of my collection and updated those pics for you to see. If you'd like to share your collection photos with everyone just send them to us at: One more item today. Over the weekend I finally revealed my secret identity to everyone so if you'd like to see what ol' Dan & Missy (the better half) looks like then click here...don't say I didn't warn you though :-)


This is a bit of encouraging news to those of us that want the CamoXtreme line released. has updated their site with pictures of the new line and they still show a release date of February 2002. There are no new photos featured, only the same ones that Hasbro had on their website for a few weeks. I still don't think we'll see them anytime this month based on the email Mr_Goodbytes received from Hasbro however, it does seem to strengthen the arguement that they will be released eventually...we shall see! (Thanks to Alpha_Spino and Velocisaur for passing that along to us).


Thanks to the over 90 people that voted in our last poll in which we asked your thoughts/opinions on the new CamoXtreme line. The response from everyone was pretty much in favor of with 41% claiming they're the best repaints yet and %26 saying they're o.k. The new poll question still involves CamoXtreme but this time we want to know which 2-pack you're most looking forward to owning. Please vote and let your opinions be heard!


Just a little site reminder before I let you go today. Remember that tonight is our weekly JPTC Chat and we want everyone to who can to participate! It should start around 9:30pm eastern time (8:30 central). Hope to see you there! We'll see ya back here on Monday with a new entry into our Dino Room section...have a great weekend everyone!