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Thanks to our eagle eyed forum member, Mr_Goodbytes for pointing out that the new CamoXtreme pictures have been completely removed from Hasbro's website. Does this mean that they have decided to do away with the line all together? Well, I for one surely hope not but I know there are those of you out there that would take this as great news. Stay tuned to JPTC for all the latest details. *Update*- Mr_Goodbytes did a little more checking into this for us and here's what he found out: "Thank you for contacting us. There are no end dates on the product line at this time but there is no announced product for 2002. We will know more after February" Notice it says After February, the U.S. Toy Fair is in February. So, maybe they are waiting until they see how well the toys are recieved at Toy Fair. This means that we could possibly have more repaints, and new molds!!! This whole thing just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Mr_Goodbytes couldn't be more right, this is a very strange situation. Either way it looks like we may have a while to wait until we see any new JP toys.


If you're like me and you're wondering just where in the heck your bonus trilogy disc is, then you've come to the right place. I did a little investigating last night and was able to find a phone number that will take you right to a Universal customer service rep. that can tell you the status of your disc. Mine was still in processing so I have a little longer to wait but at least I know they have received my payment/order which gives me a little peace of mind. The toll free number is: 1-800-698-8705...good luck!


We have a couple of site updates to get to today so lets get started. Thanks to Keith for being the first entry in our Dino Room section here at JPTC! He sent in four great photos of his JP toy collection to share with everyone and you can get to them by clicking the Dino Room link to your left. I've even included a few pictures from yours truly's collection :-) Remember, if you'd like to submit a few photos of your JP collection, just send them to us at: and we will be glad to add them! Also, a big thanks to all you guys that participated in last Friday's JPTC Chat! Although I wasn't able to hang around very long, I did hear that it was a great success and hopefully as long as the interest is there we can make this a weekly gathering for all us JP toy freaks! If you missed out this week, don't worry because I'm sure we'll have another one later this week (probably on Friday again). So stay tuned to the JPTC Forum for more on our next big chat and other important updates here at JPTC. Discuss this story


With all the wacky stuff going on lately with Proboards, one thing that's important to remember (until they fix it) is to make sure that you use as the url for the forum. Please bookmark that address and we'll let you know as soon as we get word that they have corrected the redirection problem...thanks!


This morning when I rolled out of bed, I was pleasantly suprised to see that proboards has finally made that server upgrade that they've been promosing for a while now and along with it comes some great new features! We now have the ability to put a "sticky thread" at the top of a board if we like for major announcements and for the members, you now have the ability to create your own poll thread. There are several other little upgrades that you'll probably notice as you make your way around the boards today but those were the major ones. Not all is well though, it seems as if the people over at proboards still have a few bugs to work out before everything is back to normal. For one, the headers & footers on my boards (and others) seem to be duplicating the codes and the latest news won't fade in & out like it should. Also, you may notice that the regular address ( is not redirecting you to the forums, instead it takes you to the home page. Maybe they'll have these items fixed sometime soon but in the meantime you can get to the boards by clicking here or by adding a 2 to the address:


A big thanks to one of my moderators, Acro for finally getting me to add a chat room here at JPTC! I was able to sign up with Bravenet and everything looks good so far. Of course this is mainly a JP toy chat room but feel free to discuss anything you like (as long as it's clean :) So if you want to check it out, just click here or use the chat link in the menu to your left. I hope to see you there...have a great weekend everyone!


My good buddy Matt over at dvdcoverart finally got around to posting his custom jobs on the JP3 DVD covers. He bascially takes DVD covers that people aren't so fond of and then makes his own custom verisions available for download on his site. The results are fantastic and he has an extensive gallery of covers from other movies for you to choose from. In case you were wondering, he also has custom versions of JP & TLW available for download. For the JP & TLW covers he used the original theatrical posterwork for a more uniform looking trilogy when placing them on your shelves...check them out!


Maybe, at least according to Darth Maul over at InGenOps: "Missing a few figures or dinos from the JP3 line? Your local Wal*Mart will help. Currently, figures in most Wal*Marts are going for $3.00. That's half price. Ultra Re-Ak-A-Tak Dinos (Rex, and Anima Spino) are going for 15 dollars a piece. Vehicles, like the Chopper and the ATDT, are at 10 Dollars. These bargains aren't going to last, so this is the perfect chance for anyone to get their collections up to speed." I checked out a few Wal-Marts over the weekend and I couldn't find any sales! Maybe they're just getting this sale going and it has yet to spread to my local area. We shall see and please feel free to let us know if you spot any great JP3 bargains!


Here's another update from our man overseas, Agent Smith 2K: Got some more news on the JP3 DVD: For those of you who don't yet know it, JP3 is now available to rent from Blockbuster (both on DVD and VHS). As far as I know, the original date of Feb 11th for its actual release is still the same. Thanks again to Agent Smith 2K for that report


How many of you out there have an awesome set-up or display of your JP toy collection? Well, if you visit this site on a regular basis then chances are you probably fall into that category. The reason I ask is because JPTC wants to see those great collections and so does everyone else! If you'd like to submit a few photos of your JP toy collection just send them to us at: but please limit the amount of photos to five or less. Hopefully as long as there's enough interest, you should see the "Dino-Room" section up here at JPTC very soon....stay tuned.


Our man in the UK, AgentSmith2K, has finally popped up again after a four month hiatus and we're glad to have him back. He brings with him release news about the JP3 DVD for the folks in the UK. Here's what he had to say: "I have some news, this time on the release of the JP3 DVD in the UK. Not much has been happening on the toy front, so I hope this counts... At first I thought the JP3 DVD would be unleashed in the UK on Jan 21st, which is what I read at Dan's JP3 Page. But, according to, it's out on Feb 11th, so there is just a bit more of a wait. You can, however, pre-order JP3 at Amazon for £15.99, which is just over £4 off the high street price of £19.99. Dates may change, so I'll be sure to keep you up to date on this story!" Thanks to AgentSmith for that report but apparently there are people in the UK that have spotted the DVD in stores...sparatic as they may be.


This time they're bascially giving it away! We reported in a story last week that the animatronic Spinosaurus could be had for $25, well now you can get that same Spino for a measly $5! This is truly a great price and I hope everyone gets a chance to take advantage of it. You might want to hurry though because according to "This item is being discontinued. Availability may be limited." Good luck!


Thanks to everyone who voted in our last poll in which we asked the question, What is your favorite JP/// action figure pack? Well, over 130 people voted and everyone's favorite with %27 of the vote was the Alan Grant w/Compies set. Coming in second place with %17 of the vote was the military General w/T-Rex. Our new question is pretty similiar to the last one, we want you to give us your opinion on the new CamoXtreme line of JP3 toys. Do you love 'em or hate 'em? Please let us know by voting in the latest JPTC poll. Another quick site update before I let you got today, I managed to round up a few more photos for the JP Junior section that I think you'll enjoy so make sure to check those out. Have a great weekend and stay tuned to JPTC for all the latest in JP toy news!


I'm not really sure if this is a new series or just another line of JP toys but nonetheless, Hasbro has finally updated the JP3 section of their site with pictures of this series/line! The new pictures include: Artic Spino/Stego (2 pack), Desert Spino/Raptor (2 pack), Swamp Spino/T-rex (2 pack), Volcanic T-Rex/Raptor (2 pack) and my personal favorite so far, the Ultra Canyon T-Rex. Don't get too excited though, because it looks as if all of them will be repaints. I do think they did a great job on some of the paint jobs while others (like the Desert Raptor) just look plain hideous! There is a bit of good news though, if you look closely at the pics you'll notice that we once again have collector cards with our JP toys! Kudos to Hasbro for that. You can check out all of the new pictures in our JP3 section or head on over to the JP3 section at and check them out for yourselves. Hasbro still has about 4 more pictures to show us so stay tuned to JPTC and we'll keep you updated as more pictures/info. becomes available. (Thanks to everyone for the heads up!)


How was everyone's weekend? I hope it went well. Well, it looks like we're not going to get any of those deleted posts back from the Proboards server change last week. I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused you guys but there's nothing we can do about it. Hopefully proboards is done with their upgrades for a while so we can get back to normal on the JPTC forums. Not all was bad for the forums though, over the weekend we came up with a new color scheme for the forum as well as a banner image. So make sure you check that out and if you haven't done so already, why don't you join us as a member on our forum? Registration couldn't be any eaiser and there's always plenty to talk about (even though nothing major news wise is happening right now). We just had our 105 member join and you could be number 106...what are you waiting for! :-)


I just wanted to let everyone know that we are aware of the current problems with the forum although it doesn't have anything to do with something we did, it has to do with Proboards switching to a different server. As a result, all of the posts made after December 17th have vanished as well as the members that signed up after that date. Although some of those members have been able to post today without any problems. Here's a response from one of the moderators in the support forum: "I am aware that there are trouble with the boards that are being moved over, unfortunately, Patrick isn't around to offer reason to this at the moment. As i don't know for sure what is happening, my theory is that the data files are yet to be tranferred." Your guess is as good as mine as to when they will get this corrected but until then, feel free to post as usual and hopefully we'll be back to normal soon...keep your fingers crossed!


It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone but it's has and as everyone rings in the new year, we here at JPTC wish everyone out there a happy and prosperous 2002! In the new year you can continue to expect the same dependble coverage you always have from JPTC. ANIMATRONIC SPINO ON SALE!

A big thanks goes out to "CLParker" for dropping us a line to let everyone know that has reduced the regular price of the animatronic spino from $49.96 to just $25.00! If you weren't able to find one at Christmas for a decent's your chance!