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Hey folks! Today, we've got another proof that even after more than 15 years, you can still discover new things about unreleased toys from old Jurassic Park lines. We present you, on behalf of our long-time contributor and resident "toy detective" DemonCarnotaur, a new concept art for a figure planned for the Lost World Series 2 line: the "Scout Hunter" with "Blood Hound Carno".

Indeed, as many people mentioned, this figure is rather reminiscent of the video game character Turok, but still, it would have made quite a unique and exciting new concept in the JP universe!

In other news, what we tentatively consider to be the Jurassic Park 4 logo (or maybe a place-holder logo, time will tell) has recently been revealed, along with the confirmation that JP4 will indeed be released in 2015. Patience is a virtue, but considering that we've been waiting since 2001, heck, what's two more years? Also, a summary of JP4's story has been posted on a well-known movie website, JoBlo (spoilers, obviously). It's still a bit early to consider this to be exactly what the movie will be about, especially with all the rewrites currently happening, but can you imagine what kind of cool toys we'll be having if they follow this story? 2015 can't come soon enough! And meanwhile, stay tuned!


Hey there! Today, we present you much needed updates on the website. First, you'll be able to see the two 2013 entries in the ever-growing Papo prehistoric animals collection: the Carnotaurus, and the Dimetrodon! Papo definitely didn't disappoint this year, and leave us, as usual, expecting for their next gems.

Another wanted update was the inclusion of the latest "JP: 3D" line on the website. Considering that most of this line is virtually identical to the Jurassic Park 2009 line, we decided to include them in that section. The repacks have been included in their "older brothers" pages, as seen here, for example, and the two new sculpts have been given their own pages in the Dinosaurs section. Enjoy!

And in other news, we present you, on behalf of our very own Anonymous contributor, never-seen-before concept art for some of Kenner's potential ideas for further expanding the infamous Lost World toy line. You can find a lot more information about this "lost" line, as well as several sketches, on this thread in our forums. So, yup, more than 15 years later, there's always some new info to be discovered about our favorite toy line!


We have received word that Burger King will also add a little something (hopefully toys!) to their kids meals for JP:3D. It seems that Burger King keeps up their tradition with JP, so keep a close eye on them! Also check out their homepage for the Jurassic Park announcement!

Also in other news, JP:3D toys by Hasbro have been found in a Toys "R" Us in Malaysia! Does this mean they are not entirely North America exclusive? Check your local Toys "R" Us and let us know if you found anything!


Thanks to forum member DemonCarnotaur, we finally have the first pictures of the new Jurassic Park 3D toyline (which should be called Jurassic Park 2009 Series 2, when you look at the packaging)! And even better, the sets pictured are the two most anticipated ones: the Pachyrhinosaurus Clash and the Allosaurus Assault, which both feature unreleased news sculpts, known only from the cancelled "Joerassic Park" line. These two dinos also come with unreleased Gi-Joe figures from the same scrapped line, so maybe we can expect more of these in this new line. Time will tell!

Enjoy, and stay tuned!

JP:3D Toys are out! Or... are they?

A confusing day for the Jurassic Park toys fans. After contacting Toys "R" Us and Hasbro several times, our members learned that TODAY is the release day of the new JP:3D line.

But, where are they?!

Toys "R" Us personnel has been telling fans that it will probably arrive with the next truck shipment, which so far has not been the case, as well as their distribution centers are rumored not to have any Jurassic Park stock at the moment... and while Hasbro doesn't know the release date, they did give us some information on the Pachyrhinosaurus: The Dinosaur is brown with tan and blue and a few other colors (sounds like JP2009) and comes with a human figure that is articulated, he is wearing a hat and comes with a machine gun (Jurassic Joes?). The description talked about a showdown between the human and dino. The Pachyrhino has a head ramming action if you pull back one if its legs! So when will we finally get to buy them? We don't know. But chances are it's soon, so keep a very close eye on your local Toys "R" Us.

Special thanks to all forum members who have contacted Hasbro/Toys "R" Us to provide us with information.


Thank God, our prayers were answered. We do get (some) new sculpts for the first time in many years. So far it seems that the unreleased JP2011 Allosaurus and JP2011 Pachyrhinosaurus will actually be released! The rest of the line will likely contain of repaints, although there is a rumor it would also include the unreleased JP2011 A.W.E. Strikers.

Unfortunately, not all the news was good. The line seems to be Toys "R" Us only, as well as USA and Canada only. Good news for all the fans living there, bad news for the fans living abroad. Stay tuned for more news!


So the rumors are true: we are getting toys for JP:3D this year! Forum member DemonCarnotaur was able to find the first few articles as they are in the system of Toys "R" Us:

Dino battler 297221 $7.99
Dino tracker 272188 $10.99
Growler 295277 $19.99
Battle pack 295334 $29.99

So far no pictures, but the names remind us of the JP2009 toy line. Although a lot of dedicated fans were hoping for more toys, the news was also received with understandable skepticism, since the majority of the fans has a very poor opinion of the toys first released for JP3 and repainted a million times afterward. The main question now is: 'Are we getting repaints AGAIN?' Only time will tell. It's also unclear if the toys will be Toys "R" Us exclusives again. Stay tuned for more news!