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2019's line full checklist!

Hey folks, it's been a while! :) As you know, the 2019 New York Toy Fair came and went, and even though it was rather underwhelming, considering the few new items that were shown, it didn't stop Mattel from stealing the show with their long rumored Indominus Rex being finally fully revelead! Besides, many people were expecting to see the giant Legacy Brachiosaurus shown during that show, but even though it wasn't present in "person", Mattel was quick to post online a picture of this magnificient beast in all of its glory, along with the good news that even if the Legacy line is a Target exclusive, they were going to try and release it worldwide in the regular line. Good news for us overseas collectors! You can see these new figures, both expected to be released during Fall, as well as many others, in our 2019 checklist right below. You know the drill, many of these figures being unconfirmed, this list may end up being slightly incorrect, but the vast majority of it shouldn't be. And you can find a doc. version of this checklist right here!. A huge thanks goes to our friends at Jurassic Outpost, as well as Collect Jurassic for many of these pictures. Check their website out! It's regularly updated with the hottest news and is a pleasure to use. ;)

Human figures

Franklin w/ Microceratus

Owen w/ baby Blue (repack)
Owen Dinosaur Trainer (repack)
Mercenary Tranquilizer w/ Dimorphodon (repack)
Claire w/ Stegosaurus (repack)

Deluxe Story Packs

Off-Road Tracker ATV & Owen + Dracorex
Track 'n Trap Motorcycle & Mercenary + Coelurus

Basic Dino Value - 6 Inches

Green Velociraptor

Basic Dino Value - 12 Inches


Owen (repack)
Blue (repack)
Indoraptor repack)

Attack Pack

Velociraptor Delta
Velociraptor Charlie
Velociraptor Echo

Savage Strike

Blue 2

Blue (repack)
Stygimoloch (repack )



Dual Attack

Concavenator 2
Triceratops 2

Mega Dual Attack

Therizinosaurus - Cancelled

Large Dinos

Bite 'n Fight T-Rex
Destroy 'n Devour Indominus Rex
Super Colossal Blue

Indoraptor (repack - includes exclusive collector card)
Chomping T-Rex (repack - includes exclusive collector card)
Super Colossal T-Rex (repack)


Jeep Wrangler (repack)

Legacy Collection (Target exclusive)

Alan Grant vs Velociraptor
Robert Muldoon vs Velociraptor
Ian Malcolm vs Velociraptor

Tyrannosaurus Rex Pack & Baby T-Rex

Battle Damage (Walmart exclusive)



Ultimate Baryonyx Breakout Playset

Stygimoloch (repack)
Blue (repack)
Gallimimus (repack)
Super Colossal T-Rex (repack)

We'll keep updating this checklist with info and pictures as they become available, like last year. So stay tuned! :)

SDCC 2018: Huge Reveals (And We Mean Huge)!

Hey folks! As most of you may know, the annual San Diego Comic Con is currently taking place. And of course, Mattel has a big stand in order to promote their Jurassic World line, showing most of what has been released so far, as well as a few yet-to-be-released figures, including a new 6 inches collector series, planned to be released during Fall 2019! This new line was totally unexpected, and raises a lot of hope from fans, as well as some fears that, by splitting the line, Mattel may make the same mistake as Hasbro for their Star Wars line, and lower the overall quality of their brand, especially the 3 3/4" main line. But we need to remember that Mattel definitely isn't Hasbro (the 2018 line speaks for itself), and Mattel representatives were quickly to reassure fans by explaining that this new collector line would be rather small and that the main focus will remain on the historical 3 3/4" line. So, let's keep our hopes up, and marvel at the first three figures revealed: Owen Grady, Blue, and fan-favorite Ian Malcolm from the first JP movie:

But of course, Mattel didn't stop at this reveal, and gave us sneak-peeks at what kind of treats await us for 2019, and trust us, this line shows no sign of slowing down. We'll of course have new human figures to collect (a new Franklin Webb, pictured below, was shown, and there was even a small hint at a potential John Hammond figure), and they confirmed that we'll see 16 new dinosaur species, including a Styracosaurus (a 3D representation was shown, and you can see the figure itself in our "2019 line-up leaked" article), as well as silhouettes of two new full-sized sauropod (unlike JP3's Brachiosaurus or Chaos Effect's Amargospinus): an Action Attack-sized Amargasaurus, as well as, after 25 years of waiting, a Brachiosaurus figure, which appears to be around 2 feet tall and 3 feet long! Yup, you read that right! And if that wasn't enough, word on the street has it that we should be seeing species like Parasaurolophus, Coelurus, Dracorex, Rhamphorhynchus, Plesiosaurus, and of course the Indominus Rex. Better starting to organize your shelves in order to make space for all these new critters! ;)

Jurassic Park Collectibles book released!

Hey folks! While Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is slowly seeing release around the globe, for those who didn't have the opportunity to see it yet, is there a better way to spend time than by reading the first ever book about the various Jurassic Park/World toylines and collectibles, written by Belgian collector (and personal friend) Kristof Thijs? This 96 pages book goes through the whole Kenner/Hasbro era (from 1993 to 2016), with chapters focusing on the main lines and including full-color pictures and many details about these lines we all love. A definitive must-have for every JP collector or fan around the globe, strongly recommended by yours truly. :)

The Jurassic Park dinosaurs were unleashed on the world in 1993. Just like the flock of Gallimimus swarming over the plains of Isla Nublar, the movie took the world by storm, making it the highest grossing movie of its time. A popular toy line by Kenner was released along with the movie, followed by many other products bearing the Jurassic Park logo and JP initials. Store shelves were filled with action figures, dinosaur models and hundreds of other products, from bedsheets to potato crisps. Between 1997 and 2015, three more Jurassic Park movies were released, each with their own distinctive toys and collectibles, each time bigger, better and with more teeth. Jurassic Park Collectibles spares no expense in taking you back in time to the early 90s for a nostalgic twenty-five year time travel through the history of collecting Jurassic Park. Hold on to your hats for a collection 65 million years in the making.

Kristof Thijs's book can be bought now on the publisher's site: Amberley Publishing, or if you're a bit patient, will be released on Amazon on 1st August. Don't miss out, and stay tuned!

Mattel: First pictures of the 2019 line-up leaked!

Hey folks! If you thought 2018 was already hurting your wallet too much, well, 2019 is shaping up to be no different. As you can see below, the first pictures from Mattel's line-up for next year have been revealed on 4chan, and what can be seen is rather...interesting. We can see several items from a new "Savage Strike" line, including a Dimetrodon (from the 2018 Destructasaurs line, which is still unreleased to this day), brand new Tapejara and Styracosaurus (a species long overdue) figures, as well as repacks and retools from the 2018 line.

Also revealed were two figures from a "Dual Action" line: a Stegosaurus repaint/retool with rather funky colors, and what appears to be a Therizinosaurus with a great body, and a totally inaccurate head sculpt (unless it's a Therizi/Raptor hybrid, of course).

And finally, a new big T-Rex was shown, with what appears to be a thrashing tail action feature. Hope you still have some space after the four (six if you count the Battle Damage versions) big Rexes released this year!

So, there you have it for now! Of course, these are preliminary versions of what we'll see next year (to give you an idea of how different released items can be, take a look at these Roarivores early prototypes from this year's line), so expect some changes! We will of course keep you updated as more is revealed, so stay tuned! :)

Full checklist of Mattel's new line!

Hey folks! What a crazy week-end, heh? And it's not over yet! After the reveal of Mattel's awesome new line, here's a much needed checklist of everything known or rumored to be released this year. This list focuses on Mattel's 3"3/4 offerings, and thus doesn't include their other lines like Matchbox, Imaginext, or miscellaneous items and sub-lines. But trust us, with over one hundred items planned, there's more than enough here to feast your eyes upon. ;) Each figure or set includes its planned release wave (W1 being mid-april, W2 = summer and W3 = fall) and production number. Of course, since many of these figures are only rumored, this list may end up being slightly incorrect, but the vast majority of it shouldn't be. We also included pictures of what was currently shown, included boxed shots when available. Credits goes to Jurassic Outpost's very own Chris Pugh, Toyark, and La Boutique Du Dinosaure for their great pictures! Also, for those interested, here is a .doc version of this checklist. Feel free to use it!

Human figures

Owen w/ baby Blue (W1 – FMM01)
Owen Dinosaur Trainer (W1 – FMM02)
Mercenary Tranquilizer w/ Dimorphodon (W1 – FMM04)
Mercenary Claw Capture w/ Ankylosaurus (W2 – FMM05)
Claire w/ Stegosaurus (W2 – FMM06)
Owen Lockwood Battle (W2 – FMM07)
Zia w/ Triceratops (W2 – FMM08)
Wheatley Dino Trophy Hunter (W2 – FVN23)
Maisie w/ T-Rex Skull (W2 - FWN29)

Story Packs

Velociraptor "Blue" & Owen (W1 – FMM50)
Gyrosphere & Claire (W1 – FMM51)
Stygimoloch "Stiggy" & Mercenary (W2 – FMY84)

Basic Dino Value - 12 Inches

Owen (W1 – FNY42)
Blue (W1 – FNY41)
Pachycephalosaurus (W1 – FNY43)
Velociraptor (W1 - FNY46)
Indoraptor (W2 – FNY45)
Dilophosaurus (W2 – FVL38)
Basic 6-pack (W3 - F????)

Attack Pack

Blue (W1 – FPF12)
Velociraptor (W1 – FPF13)
Dilophosaurus (W1 – FPF14)
Gallimimus (W1 – FPF15)
Dimorphodon (W1 – FPF16)
Dimorphodon 2 (W2 – FVJ87)
Velociraptor 2 (W2 – FVJ88)
Herrerasaurus (W2 – FVJ89)
Stygimoloch (W2 – FVJ89)
Minmi (W3 – FVJ91)
Protoceratops (W3 – FVJ92)
Proceratosaurus (W3 - FVJ93)

Two-packs (Attack Pack repaints)

Blue & Dimorphodon (W1 – FTT18)
Dilophosaurus & Dimorphodon (W1 – FTT19)
Velociraptor & Gallimimus (W1 – FTT20)

Rip-Run Chasers

Blue (W1 – FMM33)
Owen + Moto (W1 – FMM34)
Velociraptor (W2 – FMM35)
Stygimoloch (W3 - FMM36)

Slime line

Dino DNA Lab Kit Velociraptor (W2 – FVP46)
Dino DNA Lab Kit Dimorphodon (W2 - FVP47)
Lava Surge Playset (W2 - FVP52) Includes exclusive Baryonyx


Triceratops (W1 – FMM24)
Baryonyx (W1 – FMM26)
Metriacanthosaurus (W1 – FMM28)
Allosaurus (W1 - FMM30)
Ankylosaurus (W2 – FMM25)
Pteranodon (W2 – FMM27)
Ceratosaurus (W2 - FMM29)
Sinoceratops (W3 - FMM31)

Action Attack

Stegosaurus (W1 – FMW88)
Carnotaurus (W1 – FMW89)
Suchomimus (W2 - FVJ94)

Large Dinos

Thrash 'n Throw T-Rex (W1 - FMY70)
Mosasaurus (W1 - FNG24)
Super Colossal T-Rex (W1 – FMM63)
Indoraptor (W1 - FVW27)
Grab 'n Growl Indoraptor (W3 - FLY53)
STEM Anatomy Kit T-Rex (W3 - FTF13)


Jeep Wrangler #18 + Rescue Net & Dimorphodon (W1 – FNP46)
Jeep Wrangler #28 Raptor Attack RC (W1 - FNH12)
Jeep Wrangler #29 Die-Cast (W2 - FRM53)
Textron Tiger RC (W1 - FNH10 )
Gyrosphere RC (W1 - FNH11)
Off-Road Rescue Rig (W1 – FNF42)
Deep-Dive Submarine (W1 – FNF43)
Gyrosphere Blast Vehicle (W1 - FMY86)
Quest For Indominus Rex Pack (W3 - FVP53)

Mini Dinos

T-Rex (W1 – FML71)
Velociraptor (W1 – FML72)
Triceratops (W1 – FML73)
Parasaurolophus (W1 – FML74)
Carnotaurus (W1 – FML75)
Ankylosaurus (W1 – FML76)
Stygimoloch (W1 FML78)
Stegosaurus (W1 – FML79)
Dilophosaurus (W1 – FML80)
Baryonyx (W1 – FML81)
Apatosaurus (W1 – FML83)
Velociraptor 2 (W1 - FML85)
Indoraptor (W2 – FML70)
Allosaurus (W2 – FML77)
Metriacanthosaurus (W2 – FML82)
Pteranodon (W2 – FVL24)
Spinosaurus (W2 – FVL26)
Triceratops 2 (W2 – FVL27)
Ankylosaurus 2 (W2 – FVL28)
Stegosaurus 2 (W2 – FVL29)
Suchomimus (W2 - FWG47)
Stygimoloch 2 (W3 – FVL30)
Diplodocus (W3 – FVL31)
Postosuchus (W3 – FVL32)
Ceratosaurus (W3 – FVL33)
Pachyrhinosaurus (W3 – FVL34)
Dimorphodon (W3 – FVL35)

Mini Dinos 3 packs

Steg/Raptor/Met. Indominus (W1 – FPN73)
T-rex/Trike/Styg (W1 – FPN84)
Bary/Ankylo/Blue (W1 - FPN85)
Dilo/Apat/Indoraptor (W2 – FPN83)

Exclusive Lines

Kohl's Set (Kohl's exclusive)

Exclusive set (W1 - FTY61) Includes Velociraptor, Owen, 2 Compsognathus, Gallimimus

Legacy Collection (Target exclusive)

Minis 5-pack A (W1 - FWB45) - Includes exclusive Pachycephalosaurus
Minis 5-pack B (W1 - FWB46) - Includes exclusive Brachiosaurus
Minis 5-pack C (W1 - FWB47)

Alan Grant w/ Compy (W1 – FLN38)
Ellie Sattler w/ Compy (W1 – FLN72)
Robert Muldoon w/ Compy (W1 – FLN35)
Ian Malcolm w/ Compy (W2 – FLN37)

TLW Velociraptor (W1 – FLN68)
TLW Pachycephalosaurus (W1 – FLN65)
TLW Young T-Rex (W1 – FLN69)
JP3 Pteranodon (W1 – FLN67)
JP Gallimimus (W3 – FVW32)
Pteranodon (W3 - FVW33)
JP Dilophosaurus (W2 – FLN66) - Cancelled
JP3 Velociraptor (W2 – FLN70) - Cancelled

Extreme Chompin' T-Rex (W1 - FLN76)
Extreme Chompin' Spinosaurus (W2 - FVP49)
Jeep Wrangler (W1 - FMT19)
Legacy Bundle (W1 - FVP50) - Includes Alan Grant, Compsognathus, Dilophosaurus, Gallimimus and 2 Velociraptors
6-Pack Bundle (W1 - FVP51) - Includes Dilophosaurus, Dimorphodon, 2 Gallimimus, Pteranodon and Velociraptor

Battle Damage (Walmart exclusive)

Mini Dinos 15 pack (W1 - FPX90)

Stygimoloch (W1 – FNB32)
Blue (W1 – FNB33)
Herrerasaurus (W1 – FNB34)
Small Triceratops (W1 – FNB38)
Pachycephalosaurus (W1 - FTK70)
Gallimimus (W2 – FRX29)
Pteranodon (W3 – FVL36)
Velociraptor (W3 - FVL37)
T-Rex & Monolophosaurus (W1 - FTH17)
Roaring Colossal T-Rex (W1 - FVP48)
Lockwood Ultimate Battle Set (W2 - FTY60) - Limited release: 1,000 samples produced

Destructasaurs (Toys 'R Us exclusive)

Dilophosaurus w/ Compsognathus (W1 - FTD10)
Pteranodon w/ Microceratus (W1 - FTD12)
Velociraptor w/ Microceratus (W1 - FTD13)
Dimetrodon w/ Microceratus (W1 - FTD11) - Cancelled
Stygimoloch w/ Dimorphodon (W3 - FVW29) - Cancelled

Stygimoloch Lab set (W1 - FTF14) - Cancelled
Pteranodon Copter Attack set (W1 - FTF15)
Tyrannosaurus Rex Ambush Playset (W1 - FVP28) - Limited release: 1,000 samples produced

So, here's everything known so far. We'll keep updating this checklist with info and pictures as they become available, so stay tuned! :)

Mattel: 1 - Our expectations: 0 : First reveal of the Mattel line!

Hey folks! Today (well, yesterday) was the day JPtoys fans have been waiting for since 1997: we finally have a new toyline worthy of what Kenner did in the Lost World line, and dare I say it, a toyline that is better than the TLW line in many aspects. Bold statement, I know, but here, take a look at this small preview of what we can expect from this line:

Yup, what you seeing is real: giant Mosasaurus, 3" 3/4 figures (including, yes, an Alan Grant figure from the first movie), dinos in scale with the human figures, new vehicles (including a RC Gyrosphere), new species and older ones that definitely needed an update (I'm looking at you, '94 Gallimimus). This alone would have been a dream line when Hasbro owned the license. So, can you believe that this picture shows a very small part of what Mattel has in store for us, including a 3 feet long Super Colossal T-Rex, big vehicles, a classic line inspired by the first movie (the Alan Grant figure seen above comes from that line), an Herrerasaurus confirmed by Universal to be designed after the Telltale game version of this animal, obscure species never seen before in the various JP lines (Suchomimus, Protoceratops, Minmi, and many more), super-articulated figures (ball-jointed arms and legs on dinos, and an Indoraptor with over 15 points of articulation? Indeed!), an awesome packaging which pays homage to the first movie line, and many more? And to think word on the street has it that Mattel had to rush this line and couldn't spend as much time in Research & Development as they would have liked (hence the huge feet several figures sadly sport), we can only wonder what the following years will bring us, if this line is a success. And we're sure it will be. :)

As we mentioned above, a selection of items from this new line were shown yesterday during the Universal Pictures Toy Fair preview day event, where our good friend Chris Pugh, from Jurassic Outpost, was present and managed to take hundreds of pictures (which you can see on their Facebook page). He also uploaded a very cool video, which gives you an nice overview of what was shown:

Feeling the excitement yet? We know we do! After years of having to settle with sub-par quality toys and total lack of new ones for several years, we can say that Mattel is a true blessing for our small collecting world. And it's just the beginning... To give you an idea of how much Mattel is leaps and bounds beyond Hasbro, we uploaded Hasbro's (hopefully) last line in our database: the Dino Hybrid line. It speaks for itself...

Also, NY Toy Fair is just getting started, and many more new items will be shown in the following days. Stay tuned for our next article, which will be a complete checklist of every Mattel figure, with loose and boxed pictures when available. It will give you a sense of how large this new line is. Trust us, we're all going to be so broke... ;)

Breaking news: Mattel will (probably) deliver!

Hey folks! Long time without any update (the joys of having a kid ;) ), huh? But it was worth the wait, this one is potentially huge!

As we told you last time, Mattel inherited the Jurassic Park/world license from Hasbro, and revealed they were planning big things for the brand. Indeed, Jurassic Outpost managed to dig up what we can be expecting from Mattel, and if they're correct (and they're usually more than reliable), we're going to have the best Jurassic toy line since, at the very least, 1997 (The Lost World line)! Here's the full scoop:

Recently, Mattel held a showcase for vendors, licencors, and more where they showed off their in-development and upcoming lines. As you can imagine, Jurassic World was there – and from what we have heard, it was easily the biggest highlight of any Mattel offering. We’re going to avoid going into too deep into specifics, as certain items will spoil future surprises, including things about the new film.

However, this is the lay of the land for the upcoming Jurassic World toys from Mattel:


Yes, human action figures are back – they will be roughly 3 3/4β€³ tall, and in scale with past Hasbro offerings. They will follow the Kenner styling of including a small or hatchling dinosaur, and some gear/weapons. However, from our understanding the gear skews more towards collectors than play factor (as in Dr. Ian Malcolm includes a film accurate flare – not a net launcher) – and the toys have articulation that will surely please.


The bread and butter of the line – the dinosaurs are back! Roughly 6β€³ long, these are comparable to the basic non-electronic dinosaurs of the Kenner toy lines (or the Bash & Bites from Jurassic World). Much like classic Kenner, these dinosaurs are not dressed with permanent mortal wounds, and have simple articulation tied to a basic action feature. One of my favorite bits of news: size of the dinosaurs are considered when choosing what type of toy to make. There will be no miniature adult Tyrannosaurs – it will focus on smaller species like Velociraptor, and Gallimimus.


Slightly larger than the basic dinosaur figures, these toys focus on electronic roars tied to a biting mechanism. They again do not have open wounds, and while they are not posed as neutrally as classic Kenner toys, they are less awkard than the Jurassic Park 3 offerings. Again, the size of the dinosaurs were considered when developing these toys – so at this time, there are no electronic Velociraptors, but rather species of a larger size will be focused on.


Slightly larger than the electronic figures, these hearken back to the classic non electronic Kenner dinosaurs of the medium size. An example that was described to use was a Stegosaurus with a tail swinging action that was very Kenner in looks. However, it was apparently closer in size to the JP 2013 Dino Showdows Pachyrhinosaurs.


Yes, they have a Tyrannosaurus Rex (two in fact!) and we have heard both steal the show. We’re going to avoid describing them anymore, as they’re worth waiting for the official reveal to be surprised! But it’s worth noting that there are more than Tyrannosaurs in the large scale, and some figures use a β€œReal feel” latex/rubber, have action features, and electronic roars.


Not much to say other than they’re film accurate, look awesome, and are scaled to the human figures. Everything in this line is sized correctly, much like the classic Kenner toys. The classic Jurassic Park Jeep has a few details super fans are sure to LOVE!


Gone are the fictional vehicles – they’re being replaced with small film accurate vehicles from all five films! Some include small dinosaurs, and the entire lineup was described as similar to the Micro Machines (but bigger) sold alongside The Lost World. This includes some very cool playsets based upon movie moments!


There will be games – including something tied to pivotal plot elements of Jurassic World 2!


Drones, remote control vehicles, and more! While a lot of these won’t be cheap, they do offer great modern play functionality.

Some key notes: Mattel’s first Jurassic World lineup will be called something similar to β€˜Jurassic World: The Classic Collection’. This lineup is scheduled to hit stores late this year or early next year, and is mainly based upon the first Jurassic Park. While they boast film accuracy for all their items, it does seem to also borrow from Kenner by featuring dinosaurs never seen in the films.

Sometime early spring (mid April) in 2018 the Jurassic World 2 toys will begin to arrive in stores. Much like the classic Jurassic line, it boasts film accuracy and a multitude of figures and offerings. From there, the line should continue to populate shelves with new waves featuring figures from the latest sequel, or past films. There are apparently quite a few more classes/skus of toys from Mattel than those listed above, so there are plenty of surprises in store!

It’s worth noting that some of the basic dinosaur figures were described as slightly exaggerated looking, with proportions and poses that were more cartoony than realistic. Our hope is that between now and release, those items will be refined and perfected to better match their film counterparts (and proper realistic anatomical poses). Otherwise, we’re thrilled by what the line is slated to offer, and cannot wait to see photo’s from it – there are quite a few more surprises Mattel has up their sleeves, so stay tuned!

So there you have it! While of course we'll have to wait and see if this almost "too-good-to-be-true" new line is indeed as amazing as it is on paper, but one thing if for sure, Mattel fully understand what we, fans, have always wanted, something we have waited for so long from Hasbro, all in vain... The only downside is the last part about "slightly exaggerated looking" figures, but we'll remain hopeful until the first pictures start leaking. But in any case, as the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait". And it appears that the wait for a true Jurassic Park toy line is coming to an end, finally. Stay tuned, the next months will definitely be most exciting... ;) A huge thanks to Jurassic Outpost for the scoop!