In this section will you be able to see the many repaints found in the various Jurassic Park/World franchise. We know repaints are often frowned upon, but some are not bad. There are even times when a repaint can improve upon the original. It is interesting to see the different colorations lined up, side by side to compare.

JPS1 Dimetrodon

JPS1 Dilophosaurus

JPS1 Velociraptor

JPS1 Pteranodon

JPS1 Young T-Rex

JPS1 Electronic Velociraptor

JPS1 Electronic Dilophosaurus

JPS1 Triceratops hatchling

JPS1 Brachiosaurus hatchling

JPS1 Dilophosaurus hatchling

JPS2 Lycaenops

JPS2 Tanystropheus

JPS2 Pachycephalosaurus

JPS2 Quetzalcoatlus

JPS2 Utahraptor

Electronic T-Rex hatchling

Electronic Triceratops hatchling

Electronic Velociraptor hatchling

TLWS1 Cyclops Velociaptor

TLWS1 Electronic Chasmosaurus

TLWS1 Stegosaurus

TLWS1 Bull T-Rex

TLWS1 Thrasher T-Rex

TLWS1 Electronic Spinosaurus

TLWS1 Juvenile T-Rex

TLWS1 Juvenile Triceratops

TLWS1 T-Rex hatchling

TLWS1 Pteranodon hatchling

TLWS2 Ornithosuchus

TLWS2 Baryonyx

JP3 Tyrannosaurus Rex

JP3 Brachiosaurus

JP3 Alpha Velociraptor

JP3 Spinosaurus

JP3 Triceratops

JP3 Dilophosaurus

JP3 Ultra Pteranodon

JP3 Ultra T-Rex

JP3 Female Velociraptor

JP3 Velociraptor hatchling

JP3 Compsognathus

JP3 Pteranodon hatchling

JP3 Stegosaurus hatchling

JP3 Spinosaurus hatchling

JP3 Alpha Pteranodon hatchling

JP3 T-Rex hatchling

JP3 Aqua Spinosaurus hatchling

JP3 Triceratops hatchling

JP Junior Triceratops

JP Junior Pteranodon

JW Basher T-Rex

JW Basher Ankylosaurus

JW Basher Stegoceratops

JW Electronic Blue

JW Electronic Charlie

JW Titan Echo