Jurassic Park Dakin Figures

Prior to the first Jurassic park movie, a company called Dakin released six small dinosaur figures in late 1992. They came in two versions, the loose ones (as shown on this page) and the slightly larger keychain ones.


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Comments: More or less twice the size of the Brachiosaurus hatchling that came with the first JP line of Kenner, this figure has the same gray color, while its movie counter-part was closer to beige.


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Comments: Many consider this figure to be the best of the entire line, because of its good sculpt and the detailed paint scheme.


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Comments: This Gallimimus figure is actually more movie-accurate than the action-figure in the second JP line of Kenner, because it's clearly based of later artwork (brown with dark stripes).


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Comments: While Dakin didn't make hatchling figures (or labelled them as such, for that matter), this sculpt comes surprisingly close to the Baby Triceratops artwork as done by 'Crash' McCreery.


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Comments: While being the 'king' of the movie, unfortunately this figure doesn't look like the vicious predator it represents. The sculpt makes it look like slow or even docile.


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Comments: Like the T-Rex, this figure also doesn't quite match its movie counter-part. It's too bulky.