The Lost World Series 2 Humans

When The Lost World hit theatres in 1997, Hasbro/Kenner was poised to out-do themselves with all new dinosaurs, new humans, and hardly any repaints. Needless to say, TLW toy line was a huge success; being named one of the top best-selling toy lines of 1997. A follow-up to the initial The Lost World toy line, the Series 2 toys were released in limited quantities and fetch higher prices than their predecessors.

Nick Van Owen

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Comments: "Tracking Specialist" with Capture Pack & Brachiosaurus Hatchling.

Eddie Carr

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Comments: "Master Mechanic" with Urban Assault Gear & T-Rex Hatchling.

Ajay Sidhu

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Comments: "Big Game Hunter" with Heavy Strike Weapons Pack & Parasaurolophus Hatchling.