Catalog shot


Comments: Repaint of the released Velociraptor.


Retail: $4.99


By Raptoralpha: Several years ago, someone claimed that a Deinonychus figure was planned for the Lost World toy line. Sadly, since he had no picture or proof, no one believed him. But recently, a picture was discovered in the 97 Kenner Pre-Toy Fair catalog. It depicts this Deinonychus toy, which sports the tiger paint job that was described years ago. It is speculated that this toy was replaced by the released Velociraptor repaint (they both share the same mold), which would be a shame, since this tiger-pattern would have been one of the best paint jobs that this mold would have ever had.

Points of interest

- Apart from the Kenner catalog, no other mention of this toy has been found yet, which seems to prove that this was only a pre-production item.
- No one actually knows if this was indeed planned to be a Deinonychus. It could have been yet another Velociraptor repaint.
- It can be noted that this paint job is very similar to the one sported by the Velociraptor in the The Lost World video game released on PlayStation in 1997.