Eddie Carr


Front shot

Back shot

Loose shot


Action feature: "Master Mechanic" with Capture Claw Launcher & Triceratops Hatchling.


Retail: $4.99


By Roselaar:

Description: Eddie wears a beige overall with a lot of pockets, as well as a brown utility belt and a brown pair of boots. The upper part of the overall is green and has a rope wrapped around the right shoulder. A pair of black sunglasses are dangling on his chest, and a JP Site B patch is located on his left shoulder. Eddie has a light brown hat with some green adorning: underneath he has brown hair. He stands in a completely neutral position.

His large weapon is called a Capture Claw Launcher according to the carding: it’s basically a heavy grey gun with a large yellow claw shaped dart sticking out. The dart is attached to the gun by a piece of black string. On top of the weapon there’s a large yellow disc around which the string can be wrapped, as well as a yellow button for firing the weapon.

Eddie comes with an adorable Triceratops hatchling. It sports a dark green paint job with a white underside. The creature has three very small horns, almost stumps. A large white spot surrounds every eye: the eyes themselves are black with white pupils. The creature stands with one front leg raised and his beak opened, as if squawking for attention. It has a black JP Site B logo on its right hind leg.

Analysis: this figure is not bad at all. Eddie sports an interesting and detailed outfit, but the paint job could have been better. The numerous pockets are hardly noticeable and the rope around his shoulder is a bit cheaply done. Eddie doesn’t stand in any weird pose, but remains totally neutral adding to the playability. It’s a good figure, except for one thing: it doesn’t look like the movie Eddie at all. It might as well be another dino tracker or park ranger.

The weapon is quite cool, though it is a repaint. Despite its size Eddie can easily hold it with a single hand without falling down. It works well: pressing the button fires the claw and hits anything in its path with some force. The range is limited to about 70 centimetres by the rope, though people who prefer the weapon without the rope to increase the range will have no problem removing it from the weapon. It’s a nifty weapon, but there’s one downside: it’s called a claw, implying it can grab, catch or restrain things. However, when fired the dart doesn’t catch anything, it just knocks things over. This is just a minor point of criticism though.

The baby Triceratops is cute, like most TLW hatchlings. The paint job could have been better though: for one thing, its horns shouldn’t be green like the rest of the animal. Also, the white isn’t really aesthetically pleasing. Other than that there’s nothing wrong with this little Trike.

Playability: well enough. The figure has the usual range of poseable body parts and stands in a neutral pose. Like all hatchlings the baby Triceratops can’t movie in any way. The weapon provides some good shooting action, though one might say the string limits its potential. But that’s easily fixed.

Likeness: this Eddie looks totally different from the Eddie we saw in the TLW movie. His outfit differs completely from the clothing Eddie wore in that film. Was Eddie even wearing a hat in the movie? The face also doesn’t resemble Richard Schiff as he played Eddie: most noticeably, Richard was bald. There was no Capture Claw Launcher in TLW either. It’s a good figure, but nothing about it reminds us of that guy that got ripped in half by a pair of angry Rexes.

The little Triceratops is clearly recognizable as such, even though its horns are pretty small (which was normal for baby Trikes). It still has a large crest on the back of his head, as well as a horned beak. It’s not very different from the contemporary view of young Ceratopsians’ appearance.

Repaint: the figure and the hatchling are new, but the weapon is a repaint of the double harpoon JPS2 Harpoon Harrison carried.

Overall rating: 7/10. It’s a good figure, but it’s a shame it just doesn’t look anything like Eddie Carr. The weapon (despite being a repaint) and the cute hatchling make up for it somewhat. This figure isn’t rare and shouldn’t prove to be very expensive when you find it.