Front shot

Loose sample

Loose sample 2

Loose sample 3

Comparison shot


Action feature: "Plateface" w/ Tusk Striking Action & Dino-Damage. 3pcs of Capture Gear.
Available close-up shots: Left side, left side 2, right side, right side 2, front view, side view, head close-up 1, head close-up 2, head close-up 3, logo close-up.


Retail: $4.99


By Raptoralpha: Another little-known reptile which was set to be released in the second series of the JP toys. This figure also had a Dino-Damage feature, and was a pretty colorful toy, especially when compared to the other dinosaur paint jobs seen so far. It seems to have seen a very limited release, since one loose sample was found in China.

Points of interest

- The Scutosaurus' tag number is number 17.
- The Chinese sample was sold for the ridiculously cheap price of $4.
- Like the Estemmenosuchus, the mold was repainted with a duller paint job for an America & UK-only exclusive set in 1997 for the Lost World toy line.