Scrap Davis



Action feature: With Snap-on Accessories & Dimetrodon Hatchling.


Retail: $4.99


By Raptoralpha: This strange looking half human/half machine figure was supposed to be part of the Evil Raiders team along with Dr. Snare and Skinner. While the figure itself wasn't pretty exciting, it added a new futuristic element to the JP line (with would be continued in the Chaos Effect line) by having the human using cybernetic limbs, probably because of an encounter with some hungry dino. It appears that the regular "grip" arm could be replaced with a bigger arm armed with a strange spring-loaded projectile. The robotic leg also has "raptor-like" claws for added play-factor.

Points of interest

- The idea of replaceable limbs was developed in the Terminator 2 toy line, which was also developed by Kenner.
- Neither the figure of the hatchling has been re-used or repainted.