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Action feature: "Slash" w/ Twisting Attack Jaws & Dino- Damage. 3pcs of Capture Gear included.
Available close-up shots: Action feature.


Retail: $4.99


By Raptoralpha: This non-dinosaurian reptile was to be released back in 1994, but sadly wasn't released. Or so it seemed until a packaged sample showed up in 2005 on eBay. This led people to realize that several, maybe hundreds of previously-thought-to-be-unreleased toys may actually have seen very small distribution.

Points of interest

- The price of the packaged sample at the end of the auction was well over $3000.
- Its tag number was 16, and the collector card's number was 46.
- Although not easy to spot, this toy also has the Dino-Damage feature: a big section of the tail could detach and reveal a reddish wound.