Gulper T-Rex


Catalog shot

Catalog shot close-up

Unpainted sample


Action feature: "Gulper" can "catch" other dinosaurs, then swallow it whole! Tranq him then retrieve the dino from the beast's belly.


Retail: $26.99


By Raptoralpha: This huge toy was planned to be released in 1994. Its main feature was the ability to swallow a figure or a small dinosaur whole, and an open belly in order to retrieve the eaten toy. Sadly, it wasn't released because retailers thought it would take too much shelf space for a relatively cheap toy ($26.99).

Points of interest

- A slightly retooled version (new paint job, new eyes, and electronics) was released as the Bull T-Rex for the TLW toy line.
- Its tag number is 22, which is pretty strange, since it's the same than the Utahraptor.
- No sample has been found so far, apart from an unpainted prototype sold for $500 on eBay.