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Action feature: "Sprinters" - w/ Constrictor Bodies!

Language variations: Some language variations exist, as seen here (Dutch/French), and here (German).


Retail: $4.99


By Roselaar:

Description: This “figure” is unique by Kenner standards because it’s the only set that actually consists of two smaller dinosaur figures. Hasbro would bash out several two-packs for their repaint lines, but for Kenner this was a single case only. Of course, both Coelophysis figures are smaller than the average basic dinosaur (about half the size), but still a fair bit bigger than Kenner’s hatchling figurines.

The set contains two different Coelophysis figures, each standing in a different pose and with its own paint job. In both cases the body is made of a softer flexible material with a metal wire inside, making them bendable, which is their sole action feature. The bodies of both creatures are most likely identical sculpts, as are the arms. It appears only the leg sculpts differ as to add some diversity. Both animals are small bipedal predators with very slender, skinny bodies and thin skeletal limbs. They have a long neck and elongated snout, as well as thin long tails. One of them assumes a standing posture, with its left leg moved forward somewhat and the other leg back. The other one crouches down as if in a resting pose.

The paint jobs are half identical and half different. The standing Coelophysis features dark grey flanks, back, neck, upper jaw (and rear part of the lower jaw too), upper part of the tail and utmost parts of the legs and arms, while the squatting Coelo sports a green paint job for all these body parts. The rest of their bodies are coloured in the same schemes. The lower parts of their arms and legs, the belly, lower part of the tail and throat are all white. The claws on both hands and feet aren’t painted. They have small white teeth and yellow eyes (with black irises). Most of the lower jaws is coloured pink, while both figures carry a large purple spot on their snout. Both dinosaurs are marked with a black JP logo along with the number .04 (so you know they belong together): the grey Coelo carries it on its upper left leg, while the green one has it on its upper right leg.

Analysis: A bit of an odd and less remembered set of the classic JPS1 toy line is this Coelophysis two-pack. It’s unique in the sense that it’s Kenner’s only dinosaur two-pack (save for the TLW Exclusive Dino Tracker Set, but that’s more a play set than a two-pack), so it’s very original, even more so because these dinosaurs weren’t featured in the JP movie, making them an inventive move on Kenner’s part. Unlike the other creatures of the first JP line that weren’t seen in the film (i.e. the Pteranodon, Dimetrodon and Stegosaurus) Coelophysis is hardly known by people who aren’t dinosaur aficionados.

Well known or not, these toys are quite cool. They have a neat but creepy design, with those skinny bodies showing muscles and skeletal structure so clearly. Their paint jobs are decent enough, a bit simple perhaps, but fortunately not identical thus adding some variety. Their “constrictor bodies” make for a fun action feature, being able to bend themselves around (human) figures as if attacking them up close. The bending is mostly limited to the neck, torso and front part of the tail though.

Though a neat action feature, the bendable body comes with a heavy price: both Coelos are very susceptible to paint wear due to the softer material of the bodies. After only a few weeks of play they show large scratches and paintless spots already. Also, their limbs are quite fragile: fingers, feet and even legs break off all too easily. So if you want to keep them looking pristine, it’s better not to play with them at all. And that would be a shame.

Playability: Despite their fragility and easy paint wear, both figures have a good range of playability. This is not only due to the bendable body parts, but also because their arms and legs are poseable and their bodies stand in neutral poses. However, the warning stands: playing with them will wear them out easily.

Realism: Though not featured in the Jurassic Park film, these dinosaurs look a lot like Coelophysis. The toy designers obviously did some background checks while creating these small agile predators with long tails and necks, which were probably pack hunters (hence a pair of them). Their size is relatively accurate compared to Kenner’s human figures, though they may be a tad too big. Their overall look has caused people to confuse them with Compsognathus or even Gallimimus though.

Repaint: Since these figures belong to the first JP toy line they aren’t repaints. Neither Coelophysis figure would be repainted for later toy lines either.

Overall rating: 7/10. It’s an interesting and original set with decent paint jobs and a good enough action feature, but due to their fragility and paint wear not the best creatures to play around with. They’re not uncommon, though slightly rarer than the other smaller JPS1 dinosaurs, and can still be found easily (MOC or loose) for low prices.