Stalking Velociraptor


Front shot

Back shot

Loose shot

Multilingual packaging variation


Action feature: Blow Skull whistle and watch it move!


Retail: $14.99


By Carnotaurus: Wow....all i can say is wow...this is among one of the coolest jp3 toys(a stalking rex and spino woulda been neat!)...the Stalker(or FRC as i call em)....stalks, flip the switch on his belly and he moves when you blow the whistle (you dont need to use the whistle, just make a noise and he moves) and makes this weird growling noise. The arms are movable and the head is rubber or plastic. (Note - he should be used on hardwood, and tile floors). Color, and authenticity: the color is great. He looks pretty much like a raptor, and has oh so much detail. On his skin are little bumps and grooves and whatnot. Yes he has a crest..but it could have been better done. The teeth aren't added (you can see them though in between his lips) and the claws are terrible...too short for a raptor. All in all, if you dont have a Stalking Raptor, pick him up if you can or get a few and maybe customize them. They are great for dioramas! My score: 4/5 stars.