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Comments: A new, large Stegosaurus sculpt. Remains unreleased, real name unknown.


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By Carcharodontosaurus: This Stegosaurus is one of four larger dinosaur sculpts Hasbro made for JP2011, making it the third large Stegosaurus sculpt of all JP toys lines (not counting repaints). It features a lot more poseability than the Stegosaurs made by Hasbro, which were virtually unposeable. This sculpt has seven points of articulation in total (one on each leg, two on its neck and one tiny one on the lower jaw). It might have come with an action feature, in which case it would have swung its tail from side to side, considering the skin looks smooth at the base of the tail. Strangely, the other large JP2011 dinosaurs featured a lot of detailed scales while this sculpt has a very rough skin with hardly any scales instead. The plates on its back are either flexible or bent from storage/transport. It came with removable Dino Damage, something last seen in sculpts made for The Lost World if you don't count the repaint lines. The dark grey and red colors might have been its real colors, considering the entire body has one color and all plates (that are loose pieces) are red. It's not uncommon for a Stegosaurus toy to have its plates in a different color. Normally when prototypes feature their 'wild' test colors most figure parts, like legs, have different colors. Unfortunately, this gem will not be released like the rest of the line.

Points of interest

- It is the only posable Stegosaurus figure made for Jurassic Park.
- Like the rest of JP2011 this figure's official name is also unknown, but since it's a Stegosaurus the name leaves little room for uncertainty, unlike the vehicles for example.
- At least three specimens are known to exist, all of them unpainted.
- The first two pictures of this dinosaur were in fact a group shots of all four JP2011 dinosaurs. Three of each species were on it, all of them wrapped in plastic bags.
- No painted samples have surfaced yet, so it's unknown what it really looked like.
- Rumor has it all larger dinosaurs of JP2011 were supposed to come with a human figure. No pictures have surfaced yet, so nothing else is known about this.