"Red A.W.E. Striker Trooper"


Painted test shot


Comments: A retooled trooper (GI-Joe Resolute Cobra Trooper and a Firefly head). Remains unreleased, real name unknown.


Retail: N/A


By Carcharodontosaurus: This is the third 'A.W.E. Striker Trooper' that surfaced. Surprisingly, no other 'A.W.E. Striker' vehicle has been found yet, so it remains unknown whether or not yet another 'A.W.E. Striker' had been planned for this line.

The 'Trooper' figure is something new to the Jurassic Park lines. Since it used to be a Cobra figure from the GI-Joe line, the figure has more points of articulation than any other Jurassic Park figure had up till now. It has red camouflage, which may suggest a lava environment, much like several paintjobs from the CamoXtreme line. The other A.W.E. Striker Troopers came with a paintjob that was quite similar to the color of the plastic (light green paint on dark green plastic, light blue on dark blue plastic), but this one has different colors: white/beige on dark red plastic. Like the other A.W.E. Striker Troopers it comes with a helmet and apparently night vision, a set of claws that remind of Wolverine of X-men, and a large assault rifle. It can be assumed that this figure would have come with an 'A.W.E. Striker' repaint, like the other two troopers known. It's also possible that this figure is in fact an early prototype of the blue 'A.W.E. Striker Trooper', and thus belonged to the 'Jungle A.W.E. Striker' set. Sadly, this figure has been cancelled.

Points of interest

- Only one picture of it has surfaced, making it the rarest of the 'A.W.E. Striker Troopers'.
- The 'Jungle A.W.E. Striker' in the picture is known to come with the blue 'A.W.E. Striker Trooper', making it unclear what would have been the color of the 'A.W.E. Striker' belonging to this figure.
- There is speculation that this red A.W.E. Striker Trooper is actually an early prototype of this blue 'A.W.E. Striker Trooper'.
- It's unclear if the figure is branded with the initials HFE (Hasbro Far East), because this figure is wearing his helmet and the initials are usually on the forehead.
- All of the parts of this figure are re-used from a GI-Joe toy line.
- The 'Trooper' figure is the same size as the JP3 humans.
- The other A.W.E. Striker 'Troopers' are identical to this one, apart from the color. They are also unreleased.