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Comments: A new, large Pachyrhinosaurus sculpt. Released in 2013 as part of the Jurassic Park 2009 line.


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By Carcharodontosaurus: This Pachyrhinosaurus is one of four larger dinosaur sculpts Hasbro made for JP2011. No other Pachyrhinosaurus had been made for Jurassic Park before, making this a very unique specimen. It features more poseability than the other Ceratopsids made by Hasbro, since it has seven points of articulation in total (one on each leg, two on its neck and one on its jaw). It might have had an action feature, much like other Ceratopsids, where it raises its head quickly to pierce a predator with its horns. Noteworthy is the fact that it has horns on its nose, because most Pachyrhinosaurus pictures show it without a horn and with a flat bony hump on its nose instead. It might have come with removable Dino Damage like the other large JP2011 dinosaurs, but it's not visible on the pictures. The terracotta red color might have been its real color, considering no legs or other parts have a different color. Normally when prototypes feature their 'wild' test colors most figure parts have different colors. It was finally released in 2013.

Points of interest

- It is the only Pachyrhinosaurus figure made for Jurassic Park.
- Like the rest of JP2011 this figure's official name is also unknown, but since it's a Pachyrhinosaurus the name leaves little room for uncertainty, unlike the vehicles for example.
- At least three specimens are known to exist, all of them unpainted.
- The first two pictures of this dinosaur were in fact a group shots of all four JP2011 dinosaurs. Three of each species were on it, all of them wrapped in plastic bags.
- No painted samples have surfaced yet, so it's unknown what it really looked like.
- Rumor has it all larger dinosaurs of JP2011 were supposed to come with a human figure. No pictures have surfaced yet, so nothing else is known about this. Their 2013 conterpart were indeed released with a human figure, lending credibility to this rumor.