"One-Eyed Raider"


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Comments: A retool of the GI-Joe Resolute Duke's body and a unique head, with a new paint job. Remains unreleased, real name unknown.


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By Carcharodontosaurus: This mercenary figure surfaced in late 2012, together with the 'Archer Mercenary'. Like the other loose figures it is unclear if it was to be released on its own or with anything else. It's possible it might have come with a hatchling (like the other Jurassic Park lines). This figure has been dubbed 'One-Eyed Raider', because of the eyepatch and the striking similarities between this figure and the Jurassic Park series 2 Evil Raiders. It seems to represent an evil character, who at one point in his life lost one eye. This is the second figure that does not bear any logos of JP and INGEN, and the only figure that has virtually nothing to tie it to a dinosaur line at all. Still, the GI-Joe collectors community classified this figure as one of the cancelled Jurassic Park action figures, likely from this line. Due to it having a very different appearance than the more military-alike GI-Joe lines, there's a good chance this figure is indeed from JP2011. It was supposed to come with a sniper rifle. Its posability, thanks to the GI-Joe lines, is noteworthy as Hasbro made little JP figures that were highly posable (all previous onces were designed to sit on motorcycles). Unfortunately, like the rest of the line, this figure has been cancelled. Interestingly, the head is sculpted for JP2011 and thus making it the sole unique part of this figure. Later on, the head was released as part of the GI-Joe Dreadnoks set.

Points of interest

- So far, this is the only figure that has surfaced. It's unclear if it's complete.
- The figure is branded with the initials HFE, which means Hasbro Far East.
- The eye-patch combined with the very angry face makes this character appear to be 'the bad guy'.
- The head is made for JP2011, it did not originate from a GI-Joe line. Later on it was released in the GI-Joe Dreadnoks set as Zanzibar.
- This head of the figure matches the head of the person featured on the dinosaur artwork of the GI-Joe Dino Hunter Adventure Team that was found, but the clothes are all different leading to belief that this figure is not from the cancelled GI-Joe line, but from its predecessor: JP2011.
- No JP or INGEN logo is found on the figure, so it's possible it's not even part of the Jurassic Park toy lines.