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Comments: A retool of the GI-Joe Resolute Roadblock's body (which was unreleased) and Resolute Duke's head, with a new paint job. Remains unreleased, real name unknown.


Retail: N/A


By Carcharodontosaurus: This figure is the very first JP2011 figure that showed. Like the other loose figures it is unclear if it was to be released on its own or with anything else. It's possible it might have come with a hatchling (like the other Jurassic Park lines), but rumor has it this figure was to be released with a repaint of the JP2009 Bull T-Rex. This figure has been dubbed 'Mercenary' since it looks like a strong hired muscle, with a very large machine gun and even a small rocket or bomb. The tattoos on the arm and face are highly unusual, no other Jurassic Park figure had tattoos like that before. TLWS1 figure Dieter Stark has an INGEN tattoo, but that's the only one. Its posability, thanks to the GI-Joe lines, is noteworthy as Hasbro made little JP figures that were highly posable (all previous onces were designed to sit on motorcycles). It also comes with some sort of a pickaxe (possibly for climbing), which can be attached to the figure's back. It's length is unique, as it's larger than the two 'Troopers' from the A.W.E. Striker sets. It's about the size of the Kenner figures.

Several collectors noticed the resemblance to the character Billy Yoder from Jurassic Park: The Game (Telltale Games, 2011). While Billy's tattoo is not the same, he does have a similar overall mercenary appearance and wears a green jacket with INGEN on it too. For now, it's believed to be just a coincidence.

Points of interest

- In spite of being unreleased, hunderds of these figures surfaced, all of them painted and (as far as we know) complete. Normally prototypes are very rare, and it's even more rare for loose prototypes to come with accessories.
- It's by far the easiest to find of all JP2011 sets, and due to large numbers that were sold it is even cheaper than most released Jurassic Park toys.
- It doesn't wear the HFE (Hasbro Far East) brand, unlike the other JP2011 human figures.
- It's much larger than the other JP2011 figures, probably to make it a more 'bad-ass' character.
- The sale of this figure on eBay is the direct cause of a major dispute between Hasbro Inc. and Jurassic Park collectors, during which Hasbro Inc. hired two lawyers for 5 months to intimidate collectors and claim this specific prototype back on Intellectual Property grounds. Fortunately, Hasbro Inc. only managed to reclaim a handful of these prototypes, and nothing has been heard of the lawyers or Hasbro Inc. for several years now. does not support the trade in stolen goods, but as a fan community we disapprove Hasbro's oppressive actions against innocent collectors.