Test shot 1

Test shot 2


Comments: A new Hummer sculpt. Remains unreleased, real name unknown.


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By Carcharodontosaurus: This is probably the most mysterious new vehicle of JP2011. Known only from these two pictures, this entirely new sculpt looks a LOT like the Humvee from The Lost World Series 1. It has, apart from the cabin, two seats that can be moved to the front of the card sideways. Both are equiped with what look like sniper rifles, or normal rifles with sniper scopes. Like the seats themselves they can be moved. Like most JP vehicles, it also has a way to catch fleeing dinosaurs: the net on top can be slammed upon one. The trunk is difficult to see from these angles, but it seems it has some sort of fence inside it, also much like the TLWS1 Humvee.

Like the rest of the JP2011 line, this vehicle will remain unreleased. It's name, or it's paintjob, will remain a mystery.

Points of interest

- Only this one sample featuring these wild prototype colors surfaced. It is unknown how it would have looked like when painted.
- This vehicle is strongly inspired by the previous JP lines. In overall appearance, it is very similar to the TLWS1 Humvee. The plastic net on top strongly reminds of the JP3 All-Terrain Dino Trapper.
- While it didn't surface with a dinosaur or the logo of JP/INGEN as proof of it being Jurassic Park, the overall appearance leaves little doubt. On top of that, these pictures were found along with the second test shot of the helicopter. And that one was previously found with a dinosaur.
- It's likely this vehicle came with a human figure, like the other JP2011 vehicles. Probably with a hatchling too.