Test shot (full set)

Second test shot 1

Second test shot 2

Second pilot test shot 1

Second pilot test shot 2


Comments: A new helicopter with a retooled pilot (GI-Joe Scrap-Iron's body and a unique head) and (possibly) a JP3 Velociraptor Hatchling repaint. Remains unreleased, real name unknown.


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By Carcharodontosaurus: This helicopter is the first new sculpt for the JP2011 line. It is known from two different test shots. Both examples found feature the wild prototype colors, and both are unpainted. It was speculated this new vehicle was part of 'JP Junior 2' instead of this line (because the first helicopter that surfaced looks cartoony and perhaps even childish), but that is mostly because of the colors this prototype has. The second example, which had a bit more realistic colors, clearly shows it belongs to JP2011. It seems to fit the GI-Joe pilot that was also on the picture. Apparently it holds some sort of grappling hook, probably to pick up dinosaurs/humans/goods. It can be retracted, inside a larger 'crate' that can shut. It's unclear if the JP3 Velociraptor in the picture also belonged to this set, but because the two other vehicles of this line also had that hatchling, it is believed it does. The grappling hook might also be another clue here, it probably fits the Velociraptor hatchling. Unfortunately this set remains unreleased, like the rest of JP2011.

Not long after the picture with the entire set surfaced, two pictures of the pilot in a later stage showed up. It's still an unpainted sample, but the funky prototype colours have been replaced by the final plastic colors. The only accessory we know of is the helmet, which can be removed. It's unclear if the grenades can be removed.

Points of interest

- Two different specimens of both the helicopter and the pilot have been found.
- No painted samples have been found yet, so it's unclear how it should have looked like when finished. The second example has more realistic colors, like the glass, but it's just guessing if it really should be black.
- The pilot - at least the second one - has been branded HFE (Hasbro Far East), like the 'Troopers' from the A.W.E. Strikers.
- The pilot (the second one, or one that looks just like it), has been sold for $310 on eBay. It only came with its helmet.
- It is assumed the pilot and the Velociraptor hatchling are part of this set, because the A.W.E. Strikers also came with a figure and a Velociraptor hatchling.
- Although the figure (save for the head) is a retool and the Velociraptor a repaint, this helicopter is a new sculpt entirely.
- The head is made for JP2011, it did not originate from a GI-Joe line. Later on it was released in the GI-Joe Marauders set as Felix "Mercenary" Stratton.