"Desert A.W.E. Striker"


Box test shot

Painted test shot 1

Painted test shot 2

Painted test shot 3

Trooper close-up


Comments: Repaints of the GI-Joe/Stargate A.W.E. Striker, a retooled trooper (GI-Joe Resolute Cobra Trooper and a Firefly head) and a JP3 Velociraptor Hatchling. Remains unreleased, real name unknown.


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By Carcharodontosaurus: This vehicle was supposed to be released in 2011, along with the rest of this new line. It is a rather remarkable addition to the Jurassic Park toy lines, since the vehicle and the figure are from GI-Joe (and Stargate before that). It also came with yet another JP3 Velociraptor repaint.

The A.W.E. Striker is an interesting vehicle, clearly for off-road use. The vehicle sports a sand-like color, which may suggest that it was meant for use in the desert. This car can make turns by repositioning the front wheels, like real cars. It also has some sort of hydraulics, to prevent the driver and passenger from a serious headache after a day of off-road driving. The large gun on the roof cannot shoot missiles, but can be moved. It is possible to remove the two pieces in the trunk, as shown on one of the pictures. The 'Trooper' figure is also something new. Since it used to be a Cobra figure from the GI-Joe line, the figure has more points of articulation than any other Jurassic Park figure had up till now. It has green camouflage, which seems out of place with this desert camouflage vehicle. It comes with a helmet and apparently night vision, a set of claws that remind of Wolverine of X-men, and a large assault rifle. As shown on the picture of the packaged sample, it also came with a JP3 Velociraptor repaint, sporting a desert-like paint job much like the vehicle itself. Strangely enough, this set is, apart from the color, identical to the 'Jungle A.W.E. Striker' which makes this line even more unusual. There have been no vehicle-releases since JP3 (not counting the cardboard cut-out car from the JP2009 Bull T-Rex), and no other Jurassic Park line contained two identical vehicles. Sadly, this entire set has been cancelled.

Points of interest

- A couple of these sets surfaced, many of which were nearly complete and already painted. It's very rare for loose prototypes to come with accessories.
- The figure was sold on eBay with all its accessories, but no car, for $250. A few months later the car was sold, without the figure, for $500.
- This set seems to be a bit easier to find than it's 'Jungle' counterpart.
- Both the vehicle and the human are branded with the initials HFE, which means Hasbro Far East.
- The A.W.E. Striker and all of the parts of the human are re-used from GI-Joe and Stargate toy lines. The vehicle originates from 1985.
- The Velociraptor Hatchling would have been yet another repaint of the JP3 sculpt.
- The 'Trooper' figure is the same size as the JP3 humans.
- It was cancelled at a stage very close to be ready for release. Hence the box test.
- The 'Jungle A.W.E. Striker' set is identical to this one, apart from the color. It's also unreleased.