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Comments: A new, large Allosaurus sculpt. Released in 2013 as part of the Jurassic Park 2009 line.


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By Carcharodontosaurus: This Allosaurus is one of four larger dinosaur sculpts Hasbro made for JP2011, making it the second Allosaurus of all JP toys lines. Its sculpt appears to be inspired by the Papo Allosaurus. It is also the most posable dinosaur ever to be made by Hasbro, with no less than ten points of articulation (two on each leg, one on each arm, two on its neck and two on its jaw). That combined with the stunning level of detail, makes it one of the most realistic dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. It came with removable Dino Damage, something last seen in sculpts made for The Lost World if you don't count the repaint lines. The blue color might have been its real color, considering no arms, legs or even the Dino Damage have a different color. Normally when prototypes feature their 'wild' test colors most figure parts have different colors. It was finally released in 2013.

Points of interest

- Like the rest of JP2011 this figure's official name is also unknown, but since it's an Allosaurus the name leaves little room for uncertainty, unlike the vehicles for example.
- At least three specimens are known to exist, all of them unpainted.
- The first two pictures of this dinosaur were in fact a group shots of all four JP2011 dinosaurs. Three of each species were on it, all of them wrapped in plastic bags.
- No painted samples have surfaced yet, so it's unknown what it really looked like.
- It wears the HFE (Hasbro Far East) mark, seen on many JP2011 prototypes.
- Rumor has it all larger dinosaurs of JP2011 were supposed to come with a human figure. Their 2013 conterpart were indeed released with a human figure, lending credibility to this rumor.