Pachyrhinosaurus Clash


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Action feature: Thrashes its head. Comes with Gunner Gordon figure, and removable Dino-Damage skin piece. Released in 2013.

-Dino Damage wound patch
-Gunner Gordon figure
-Machine gun with ammo strip


Retail: $29.99


By Roselaar:

Description: this medium sized quadruped figure stands in a rather static posture, its legs all neutrally posed instead of hinting at movement. All four legs are poseable though, and pulling the right hind leg back makes the bulky neck tilt upward, the big head along with it, as if the creature is giving a head butt. The head is attached by a ball joint, and is thus capable of being posed both side to side and up and down. However, its range is limited due to the shape of the neck, but it still makes for decent poseability. The lower jaw can also move downwards. On the right flank a dino damage wound is located which can be covered up by a skin patch to hide the dark red muscle tissue underneath.

This particular Ceratopsid figure sports a more elaborate paint job than commonly seen on similar figures. The legs, flanks, sides of the neck, most of the tail, back of the head frill and parts of the head are painted simple brown, while its underside (throat, belly and front half of the lower tail section) is coloured yellowish beige. On the flanks this beige is suggested to gradually change into brown, and so appears darker. The Pachyrhinosaurus sports four stripes of the same beige on each upper leg, while most of the head and frill are painted in the same colour. A large, thick blue stripe runs from the neck over the back to the front part of the tail, accompanied by beige lines on each side. On the neck these blue and beige stripes form a swirly leaf like pattern. At the very top of the neck and back a row of bumps is found, which is all coloured dark grey, almost black even. Three similar rows of bumps of the same colour are located on the frill, running down over the nose and ending on the big parrot like beak. The middle row features a number of horns, including two massive ones on the snout. Additional horns of a smaller size and a more curved nature are found on the top and sides of the frill, with one more on each chin. The head and frill are adorned with a number of blue spots surrounded by yellow lines. The eye sockets, containing small golden eyes with black pupils, are also blue. The creature's tongue is brown, while the claws on the feet are painted black and a large white JP logo is located on the right upper leg.

This Dino Showdown set comes with a black human figure named Gunner Gordon. This military looking character too stands in a neutral pose but is fully poseable considering the ball jointed arms and legs and the extra articulation provided by the upper torso, head, knees and elbows, as well as rotatable hands and feet. Gordon's hair style is quite rastafari, with dreadlocks and hair strings extended at the back of his head. This hair is coloured dark brown with lighter brown highlights. Gordon has a rather expressive, agitated look on his face, along with a goatee and eye brows of the same colour as his hair. He has white eyes with black pupils, and carries what appears to be an orange ear ring in his left ear. He wears a predominantly green jump suit, while his torso is protected by a light grey jacket, along with extra pockets up front and a silver zipper in the middle: this jacket hangs a little loose, suggesting it's removable, but it's not unless you care to damage the figure. More detailing can be spotted underneath the jacket, but it's hard to tell without removing it. Around his knees and elbows he has black bands covered with protective pads, light green on the knees and silver on the elbows. He also has a grey belt around his waist, additional silver shoulder pads and black gloves with more silver pads. He wears black boots with light brown covering.

Gunner Gordon lives up to his name thanks to the addition of a machine gun to this set. It's a simple, long black gun, and it comes with a removable support that can be attached to the front so Gordon can use the gun for taking shots at rampaging dinosaurs when lying low. The gun comes with a long silver strip of ammo rounds, that can be attached to its left side, but can't be pulled clean through it. Gordon's accessories do not come with an action feature of their own. A hole in Gordon's back hints at this gun being able to attach to his back, but oddly enough there's no peg located on the gun itself that fits in said hole.

Analysis: Hasbro pleased us all around the time of the 3D re-release of the first Jurassic Park movie when it let loose this awesome set in TRU stores. Not only does this Dino Showdown consist entirely of new figures, the Pachyrhinosaurus also is a new species in terms of Jurassic Park dinosaur toys. And it's quite a tough looking one too, adorned with big horns on its snout and a huge intimidating neck frill. This Ceratopsid definitely looks more aggressive and mean than any of its herbivorous predecessors, making it a solid match for any rampaging carnivores out for a bite of its flesh! Nevertheles, it can be wounded, as indicated by the triumphant return of an age old, well remembered JP toy action feature, the removable dino damage wound. The piece fits in tightly but is easy to remove and to put back. If the creature lets you of course, since it's equipped with a particular powerful head butting action. Of course, this is a rather predictable attack option for any Ceratopsian dinosaur figure, but it works remarkably well, delivering a powerful blow to any antagonist unlucky enough to stand in its path. It's sure to knock over many figures and vehicles, including all human figures, like Gunner Gordon.

Gordon is a less impressive addition to the set but makes for a good victim for this creature's onslaught. Sadly for him, he does not come with any weaponry equipped with decent dinosaur repelling action features, but at least he's fully poseable and might apply that fact to getting out of the animal's path. Gunner's look is quite interesting, as he's one of the few African-American human figures in all of the JP toy lines, as well as the first with such a wild hairdo.

However, it's most likely anyone buying this set will consider the Pachyrhinosaurus the main part, as they ought to. It features a funky paint job, quite colourful but not over the top, and it's more poseable than most dinosaur figures (though not as much as its Allosaurus counterpart). The movements of the head (including the lower jaw) are quite nifty, though it's a shame the shape of the neck is causing the head to almost hit the ground. It makes the animal appear to be grazing peacecully when not in use, but it can also cause paint wear on the beak if the head butting action makes the head swing back with force. Nevertheless, it's a minor complaint in regard to one of the most imaginative and original dinosaur sculpts yet. Hopefully this set won't prove to be the last time Hasbro gave the JP toy community a pleasant surprise in the shape of a fine new sculpt.

Playability: pretty good for a quadruped dinosaur figure. Though the limbs are not nearly as poseable as those of the Allosaurus of the same toy line, all four of them can be posed. The neck can move up and down, while the head can be posed both sidewards and upwards thanks to the ball joint, making for a good range of movement. The lower jaw's additonal poseability is also a blast. Though the attack option is far from unique (basically an obligatory option for Ceratopsian figures), it works as good or better than on any and all previous JP figures that came with the same feature, making for a powerful head butt that can knock down any small and medium figure in its way. As always, having a dino damage wound that can be covered up is the best way to go, as this figure demonstrates. Gunner Gordon also is quite poseable, more so than any previous human figures, but the lack of action options his weaponry provide is a bit of a downer. Against this angry elephantine animal, Gordon would need more than just a lousy machine gun to keep him alive.

Realism: Pachyrhinosaurus was not present in any of the Jurassic Park movies and has not been done as a JP figure before. Scientifically speaking, it's fairly accurate, though its bull like neck is much too thick and muscled. This species of Ceratopsid is notorious for its wide range of wildly diverse takes on the shape of its head, particularly the neck crest and horns. This figure too takes some creative license in that regard, especially looking at the shape and size of the crest and the big horns on the snout. However, they're not as outrageous as some previous Pachyrhinosaurus figures around: Tyco's Dino Riders Pachyrhino still beats them all in terms of rampant creative freedom over established accuracy. The body's size compared to the human figure it comes with is about right.

Repaint: no. For the first time in many years in the history of JP toys, this is an all-new set of figures.

Overall rating: 8/10. A solid new sculpt of an intriguing species never done before in previous JP toy lines. Poseability is a little less compared to its Allosaurus counterpart, but its attack feature works a lot better and the removable dino damage is always a welcome sight. This figure is not (yet) hard to find if you're living in North America, but not as easy to get your hands on in other territories. Since it was only available at Toys'R'Us stores, this might very well end up a much sought after and difficult to find piece, but it's certainly worth the effort of tracking down.