Dino Hybrid Prototypes

After the huge and unexpected success of the Jurassic World movie, kids and fans alike were eager for more and Hasbro, after lowering sales due to the lack of new product during Fall and Winter 2015, quickly threw together the Dino Hybrid line, which consisted mainly of retools from the 2015 line, with a few repaints and new sculpts. Sadly, this line was far from a success due to total lack of brand support and catastrophic retail distribution, and ended up being the final nail of Hasbro's Jurassic Park brand ownership coffin, which was transferred to Mattel in 2017.

Hybrid Indominus Rex

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Comments: Repaint of the Jurassic World Basher & Biters Indominus Rex. Unreleased.

Electronic Carnoraptor

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Comments: Retool of the Jurassic World Growlers Charlie/Delta sculpt. Unreleased.