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Comments: Moveable Limbs. Real name unknown.


Retail: $4.99


By Carcharodontosaus: Being the only adult Euoplocephalus in all Jurassic Park toy lines so far, makes this Euoplocephalus very unique. It's size is unknown, as the scale in the picture it was found is off. It's noteworthy that only two other Ankylosaurids made it into a JP line, one being the Jurassic Park Series 2 hatchling that came with Ellie Sattler, the other coming from Jurassic Park Junior.

Points of interest

- No sample have been found so far.
- The only mention (and picture) of this toy could be found in the 1998 Toyfair Hasbro catalog.
- It has one flat horn on its back, which might have functioned as a button for it to raise its head and to thrash its tail.
- It doesn't have the Chaos Effect logo on its leg, but the The Lost World JP site (B) logo instead, giving a clue as to its origins.
- It has been speculated it has electronics, as it would have been released in a box (it couldn't have fit onto a card) and almost all smaller boxed dinosaurs have electronics (and all of those lacked CG, like this one).