D.A.R.T. with Velociraptor and Dieter Stark


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Comments: Includes Capture Gear.


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By Raptoralpha: This canceled set is pretty interesting. The loose picture of it shows repaints of the DART and the Dieter Stark figure from the TLW toy line, with a big Electronic Velociraptor from the TLW line repaint. But the boxed sample shows that Hasbro had planned to replace this Raptor with the smaller, non-electronic version first seen in the JP toy line. The reasons for this switch are still unknown to this day.

Points of interest

- The Electronic Raptor paint job is very similar to the one from the TLW toy line, and the non-electronic Raptor has the same color scheme than the Chaos Effect Raptor Alpha, but with very different colors.
- One can wonder how the Dieter figure would have fit on the DART, since it would have taken a figure with articulated knees, like the Roland Tembo figure which came with the original DART from the TLW toy line.
- No sample of this set have emerged so far.