Spinosaurus with Eddie Carr


Back shot

Catalog shot


Comments: Includes Capture Gear.


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By Raptoralpha: Another two-pack from the nixed Night Hunter Series toy line. But this one is interesting on several aspects. First, the fact that the Spinosaurus paint job is nearly the same as the one released in the JP: Dinosaurs line. And second, this figure is the only one from this toy line to have showed up somewhere (on eBay, to be precise). This shows that, like many other unreleased toys, it may have seen the shelves in limited numbers.

Points of interest

- It is unsure if the reddish Triceratops hatchling seen on the loose shots was also included in the packaged set.
- The auction of the sample seen on eBay was ended earlier, and the seller ignored all requests for close-up pictures, leading people to believe it might actually have been a scam, despite the fact that a never-seen-before picture of the back of the card was included in the auction description.
- The electronic sound feature seen on the TLW Spinosaurus might have been removed from this version, since it isn't advertised anywhere on the packaging.