Pachycephalosaurus with Ajay Sidhu


Catalog shot


Comments: Includes Capture Gear.


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By Raptoralpha: Yet another two-pack from the scrapped Night Hunter Series. This set would have included the rare Ajay figure from the second TLW series, and the more common little Pachycephalosaurus in a all-new, and very...original paint job.

Points of interest

- The picture of the carded sample seen in the Toyfare magazine is very different from the loose shot from the Hasbro Toyfair catalog: the toys are actually shown with their JP:Dinosaurs colors. Yet another proof of the link between these two toy line.
- The human figure shown in the carded sample, and which is advertised as being Ajay Sidhu, indeed has the Ajay figure body, but the head of Jaws Jackson from the second JP series.
- This two-pack has never been found, so far.