Ian Malcolm


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Comments: Includes Capture Gear.


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By Raptoralpha: This straight repaint of the Ian Malcolm figure from the Chaos Effect was to be included in the nixed Night Hunter Series line. Like most (if not all) of this line, it was supposed to be able to glow in the dark, a never-seen-before feature in the various Jurassic Park toy lines. For some reason, earlier versions of the T-Rex hatchling that came with it had a light-blue and orange paint job, but the packaged sample showed an all-orange look.

Points of interest

- A loose picture could be seen in the 1999 Hasbro Toyfair catalog, and a packaged sample was shown in a Toyfare magazine from 2004.
- No sample of this figure has emerged so far.
- Ian Malcolm was apparently the only human figure planned to be released on a basic card. All the other humans were to be sold with a dinosaur figure in two-pack packages.