Chasmosaurus with Nick Van Owen


Catalog shot


Comments: Includes Capture Gear.


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By Raptoralpha: This two-pack was to include two repainted figures from the TLW toy line, along with their accessories. A doubt remains for the Pterandon hatchling which came with the TLW Nick figure: a loose picture shows it included in the set, sporting a bright green paint job. But the packaged sample doesn't, for some reason.

Points of interest

- Like most of the Night Hunter Series toys, this one was only seen in a Toyfare magazine, and in the 1999 Hasbro Toyfair catalog.
- None are known to still exist.
- It is possible that, unlike its TLW counterpart, this Chasmosaurus didn't have its electronic sound feature. At least, no mention of it can be seen on the packaging, as well as no "Try me" gimmick.