Baryonyx with Peter Ludlow


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Comments: Includes Capture Gear.


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By Raptoralpha: One of the four two-packs with were supposed to be released in the canceled Night Hunter Series. The toys included in this set had one of the most "special" paint jobs seen in the JP toy lines. It can be noted that the Baryonyx's colors are very similar to a Spinosaur hatchling released in 2004, but that's probably a mere coincidence.

Points of interest

- The Velociraptor hatchling may have not been included in the set. It can also be noted that its paint job is very dull and uninspired...
- For some reason, the packaged sample shown in a Toyfare magazine depicts the JP:Dinosaurs version of the Baryonyx and the Peter Ludlow figure. But the Hasbro Toyfair catalog shows them as they were planned to be released.
- No sample has been found so far.