Tropical Velociraptor


Hasbro's description


Comments: Repaint of the JP3 Pack Raptor. None are known to exist.


Retail: $9.99


By Raptoralpha: The second previously unknown dinosaur pictured at the back of the Desert Spino card. The greenish paint job was pretty interesting, and is a bit similar, although much brighter, to the Alpha Velociraptor (from the JP/// toy line) repaint from the JP: Dinosaurs 3 line released in 2005. Most people think it's just a mere coincidence.

Points of interest

- This figure was apparently part of a canceled second wave of CamoXtreme figure.
- If it had been released, it would have been the only repaint of the Pack Raptor ever, since this mold was never re-used in the recent repaint lines.
- Some people call this unproduced figure "Swamp Raptor", because of a mix-up on Hasbro website which misnamed this toy.