Lava Pteranodon


Hasbro's description


Comments: Repaint of the JP3 Pteranodon. None have ever been seen.


Retail: $9.99


By Raptoralpha: Months after the appearance of the Desert Spinosaurus on eBay, the seller revealed a picture of the back of this toy, which pictured 2 previously-unknown unreleased CamoXtreme dinosaurs. One of them was the Lava Pteranodon, a new reddish repaint of the electronic Pteranodon from the JP/// toy line. From what we can make out of the tiny picture of this figure, it was to have a paint job pretty similar to the small Lava T-Rex one.

Points of interest

- While the back of the Desert Spinosaurus names this toy Lava Pteranodon, Hasbro's description says 'Volcanic' Pteranodon. Although... They can't spell the latter right.
- For some odd reason, several collectors thought that it was a repaint of the Tapejara toy, minus the big head crest. But a closer inspection of the legs proves them wrong.
- The back of the Desert Spinosaurus card is the only mention or picture of this dinosaur that we know of, although some collectors claim to have briefly seen it on Hasbro's website.
- No loose or boxed sample of this toy has surfaced so far.