Jungle Spinosaurus/Tyrannosaurus


Front shot

Back shot


Comments: Repaints of the JP3 small T-Rex and Spinosaurus. Only a handful are known to exist.


Retail: $5.99


By Raptoralpha: This two-pack is particular, since a handful were sold on eBay back in 2002, and then they disappeared all of a sudden, never to be seen anywhere again. It can be noted that the Spinosaurus paint job is very similar to the bigger electronic Jungle Spinosaurus, but the T-Rex sports a pretty strange, cow-like paint job.

Points of interest

- The samples that were sold on eBay were pretty cheap for unreleased toys (around $50-100 each), because back then, most collectors thought they would be widely released. Time eventually proved them wrong.
- This set was probably supposed to be part of a second wave of CamoXtreme toys, which is why they never were widely released.
- The back of the card shows these two dinosaurs along with the four other released two-packs, instead of other hypothetical unreleased two-packs.