Desert Spinosaurus


Front shot

Back shot


Comments: Repaint of the JP3 Aqua Spinosaurus. Only one Desert Spino is known to exist.


Retail: $7.99


By Raptoralpha: This repaint of the Aqua Spinosaurus is considered as on of the rarest Jurassic Park toys ever, since only one sample (a boxed one) has ever been found, as far as we know. It apparently was supposed to be released along with a few other pieces as part of a second wave of CamoXtreme toys, but sadly, it never happened. It is more than probable that more than one sample exist, though, since the one sold on eBay seems to have been found at a Hasbro employee store, which shows that it was very close from being released.

Points of interest

- The only sample we know of this toy was sold for $708 on eBay back in 2002. It can be noted that back then, no one knew that this figure wasn't going to be released. If another one showed up now, it is possible that it may sell for several thousand dollars...
- A very well-known collector, who goes by the nickname "Spielberg", claimed in a magazine that he knows that at least a second Desert Spino exists.