Stone Age Dinosaurs

Release Date: 2008-Current

Description: Yet another bold move from Chap Mei. Their latest line mixes cavemen and dinosaurs, and is full of new sculpts (and yes, even a new big T-Rex!). Even though the cavemen are easily dismissable, the dinos are, as always, well worth it. And also make sure to spot familiar faces in this line (I'm looking at you, Elasmosaurus and Therizinosaurus).

Brooder and Carnotaurus

Carnotaurus (loose)

Aeroscar and Ichtyosaurus

Grunter and Diatryma

Diatryma (comparison)

Diatryma (loose)


Amargosaurus (comparison)

Amargosaurus (loose)


Ankylosaurus (comparison)

Ankylosaurus (loose)

Tuskslinger Playset

Giant Pteranodon Playset

Pteranodon (comparison)

Pteranodon (loose)

Sabercharger Playset

Dino Ambush Playset

T-Rex Playset

Terroglider Playset

Great Elasmosaurus Playset

Cave Of Doom Playset

T-Rex (comparison)

T-Rex (loose)

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