T-Rex Trap Micro Playset

The dream of Jurassic Park has come to a devastating end, but something has survived! The Dino-Trackers have stumbled upon The Lost World, forgotten Jurassic Park dinosaurs living in the wild. Join the search to capture the last remaining dinosaurs. But beware the raging Triceratops charging through the camp, the Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex with its "razor-sharp" teeth, and the gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex whose power can again make him king of the planet he once ruled!


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Includes: Roland Tembo, a Triceratops, and a Baby T-Rex.
Barcode: As seen here.
Language variations: A language variation of this toy exists, as seen here (English/French/Spanish).
Error Packaging: The error with the packaging is with the back of the box. The baby T-Rex is incorrectly labled as a "Vicious Velociraptor". The text summary on the back of the box is also incorrect, as it states: the frighteningly-intelligent Velociraptor with its "razor-sharp" claws. This was later corrected and replaced by the following: the Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex with its "razor-sharp" teeth. The errors are outlined in red, as seen here.


Retail: $11.99


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