The Lost World Lab Micro Playset

The dream of Jurassic Park has crumbled, but its monstrous offspring continue to survive! The heroic Dino-Trackers have stumbled upon The Lost World Lab, an abandoned dinosaur research facility located deep within the jungle. Beware the vicious and clever Velociraptors prowling the decaying lab - outwit danger using the capture cage and catapults, then slop down the escape chute! Make your final escape in the helicopter, but look out for the swooping Pteranodon!


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Includes: A Dino-Tracker figure, a Helicopter, two Velociraptors, and a Pteranodon.
Language variations: A language variation of this toy exists, as seen here (English/French/Spanish).
Concept art: Concept art exists of this toy, as seen here and here.


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